Are Drake And The Weeknd Dating? All To Know About It

drake and the weeknd dating

Are drake and the weeknd dating?

Drake and the Weeknd are good friends. Are they going out? Drake, a rapper from Canada, is one of the most popular rappers of all time. He has also given the music industry one of its most talented artists, The Weeknd. Drake brought the singer to the attention of his fans for the first time in 2010, when he posted two of the singer’s songs on his October’s Very Own blog.

In 2011, when The Weeknd was promoting his first mixtape, House of Balloons, they got to know each other. Later, they started working together, and Weeknd helped Drake with his second album, Take Care, which came out the same year. It was a huge hit with music fans and led to a group of talented people working together. There were some bumps in the road, though, and some people thought that The Weeknd was dissing Drake in a cryptic song lyric. Let’s look at all the details and less-well-known facts to figure out if Drake and the Weekend are dating or not.

Are Drake and the Weeknd dating?

Drake and The Weeknd don’t seem to be dating, but they have been good friends for a long time and have worked together on a number of songs. The Weeknd turned 32 in February of this year, and his good friend Drake was there to help him celebrate. Fans saw in an Instagram video that their friendship is back on track, as the Canadian rapper was also there and used social media to show how much he loves and appreciates the singer that night.

drake and the weeknd dating

Are drake and the Weeknd dating?

As the post said, they had been there from the beginning, and he was happy not only to be here with his brothers but also that his whole family was back together in the greatest city in the world. Drake gave fans a huge surprise when he brought out The Weeknd to perform “The Hills” with him during a stop on his Boy Meets World Tour in Germany.

Did Drake and The Weeknd Have a Feud?

Even though they worked together at first, there were rumours of a split between them after The Weeknd signed a record deal with Republic Records. Many people thought that he would instead sign with Drake’s OVO Sound label. Drake and The Weeknd eventually got over this rumoured fight, but there were still a few other problems between them.

These rumours got stronger when The Weeknd said in an early interview that he gave the rapper music that he had planned to use on his album Taking Care. This was a pretty shocking admission. He also said that he gave up almost half of his album. He said that while he will always be grateful to Drake, he doesn’t know where he would be if it weren’t for the light he gave him. The singer said that everything happens for a reason and that no one knows what he would say if he didn’t have all of this success right now.

Did Drake Date Weeknd’s Ex Bella Hadid?

Even though Drake is said to be interested in Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid, rumours that the two artists have been fighting for a while have come up again. The Canadian rapper is said to have given the model a fancy 21st birthday party at the Socialista lounge in New York City. But these rumours quickly died down after The Weeknd and Hadid repeatedly got back together. Later, it was said that Drake and the model broke up through text messages.

drake and the weeknd dating

Are Drake and the weeknd dating

The Weeknd is on the Gesaffelstein song “Lost in the Fire,” and he might have said something that made fans think it was a shot at Drake. “And all I want is a baby with the right one/’Cause I’d never be the one to hide one,” said the song’s lyrics. Drake may have been talking about his own life in these lines.

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