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Blue Box

Blue Box is a hot sports manga about two strangers who like different sports but end up falling in love with each other without knowing it. Let’s join the sports-minded couples who are ready to reach their goals. We will talk about the latest news about Blue Box Chapter 70 and other news. After Taiki meets Chinatsu Kano, a pretty girl who loves to play basketball, the story goes on. At Chinatsu’s house, where the chapter starts, two sisters wonder if Chii will ever get a boyfriend since she is always busy with the team.

The second sister thinks that Chii is now old enough to fall in love and live life to the fullest. She says that she has been watching Chii do what she loves for a few days, but if it were her, she would have been talking to “them.” The girl isn’t sure if Chii has a crush on anyone. But Chii’s younger sister wants to know who she is in love with. The older sister says she has no idea because Chii is always changing her mind and keeping her news to herself. They think he must be good if Chii likes “him.”

The second sister is curious about whether or not Chii and the boy go to the same gym. They decided to look into it and find out who the boy was that Chi liked. The younger sister knows that if the older sister finds out the truth, she will spread rumours and let everyone else know first. They start to guess what kind of guy Chii would like and decide that he must be big, tall, and good at basketball. The guy must also be good-looking and have a wild side, but he can be playing overseas. The little sister thinks it will work out great.

Previously on Blue Box Chapter 69

Kazuma Matsuko came back from studying abroad early in the morning of the second year. The coach introduces him to other students, and the little sister watches him closely. The little sister is wondering if Kazuma is the guy she was talking about the other day. She thinks that there is no mistake and that Kazuma is the right guy for Chii because he is hot and comes from another country. She says that Chii is lucky to have Kazuma. Kazuma has become well-known, and many hot girls are drawn to him because they know he is important.

The older sister also shows up from the other side and says that she is writing for Chii. Behind her, Taiki is seen. She never figures out who is really behind her. Taiki wants to know what is going on, so she talks to her older sister. He asks Moriya about the forms she was supposed to fill out but forgot to. Kazuma sees Taiki and wants to know when he will show up. Kazuma finds out that Taiki is not on the basketball team after he leaves. Taiki looks at the new guy, and Moriya says that he is a hot guy who has been away for a year but is back and speaks English well. She also says that the new guy is a basketball pro.

Moriya asks Taiki if the new guy is cool, and Taiki’s younger sister is taken with Kazuma’s looks. Taiki says that he has already met the new guy. Taiki calls Hina’s name as she walks into the room. Hina looks behind her, and Taiki tells her that she needs to practise later. Moriya likes Hina, who is on the rhythmic gymnastics team, because she is cute. She wants to know if Taiki is with Hina. Moriya later talks to Hina and asks her if she loves Taiki. Hina knows she’s been caught, and she doesn’t understand why every girl has noticed her. But she came up with a story to get away. But Moriya could tell from Hina’s face that she was in love with Taiki.

Blue Box

Blue Box Chapter 70 Release Date

On September 25, 2022, Chapter 70 of Blue Box will come out. Moriya and Hina talked for a long time, and Moriya told Hina to tell Taiki how she felt. Hina admits that she likes Taiki, so Moriya set her up with him. After school, Taiki walks with Kano and realises it’s hard to tell Kano things. In the next chapter, Taiki tries to tell Kano something about how she feels about him. You can look at Blue Box Chapter 70 latest updates.

Read Blue Box Chapter 70 Online – Raw Details

Viz Media and Mangaplus both have sites where you can read Blue Box Chapter 70 online. Every week, a new chapter of Blue Box Manga comes out. But the spoilers for the latest chapter of Blue Box Manga can’t be seen. If you like this manga, you can wait for the next chapter, which will show true love. Let’s get together when Blue Box Chapter 70 comes out.

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