Dandadan Chapter 75 Release Date: Cute Alien Girl

Dandadan Chapter 75: Cute Alien Girl

Dandadan Chapter 75

In Dandadan Chapter 75, the mystery about the Alien girl that Momo told the other girls about is solved. Momo talks to Dodaria and Aira about the girl from another planet that they just met. Dodaria doesn’t think the girl they met is an Alien, so she says she must be a transfer student. She tells Momo to go with the girl while she talks to a school official. Momo says that not all Aliens are scary and that some of them are cute. Dodaria thinks the new girl is cute, but no matter what, she can’t be an Alien. Even if it’s true, no one will hate a cute alien.

Dodaria tells Momo that she has a lot to do and that they can’t spend all day arguing about the cute alien girl. Momo says that Tubor’s grandmother is there. The little cat says that she is going to go with Seko. Later, Momo and the cute Alien girl go to her room to get the cute Alien girl some new clothes. She can’t believe she has to go clothes shopping with the alien girl. Momo can’t decide what to dress the Aleine girl in. Momo helps the cute Aleine girl find clothes and tells her to take off the Kaiju outfit.

She says the same thing over and over because she thinks the cute Aleine girl doesn’t understand. But the cute Alien girl looks at the clothes and shuts the head of Kaiju’s suit. When Kaiju’s head closes, Momo sees the strange light and asks her what she is doing. She tells the girl from another planet that they are not in the right place for her to grow big. After the light goes away, the Alien girl with a new uniform shows up in front of Momo. Momo sees that she is afraid to change into the new uniform when Momo is watching.

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Momo liked how the cute Alien girl had changed her look. They go out together, and when Momo sees that the cute Alein girl is awesome, she starts to make friends with her. As they walk, she asks her a lot of questions, but the cute alien girl just answers with Nn and Mmm. Momo tells her that’s not how they talk, but that she should still try to say something. She tells the girl from another planet to try saying Momo. The Alien girl watches what Momo does and starts to figure out how to talk. Momo says that the Alien girl’s new name is Vamola.



But because of misunderstandings, the Alien girl thinks that Momo is Vamola. Momo knows that the Alien girl will need time to figure out everything. She points at her and calls her Momo. Momo is glad that the Alien girl is learning what she is teaching her. Momo gives the Alien girl a hug and tells her, “You understand, she’s amazing.” But the Alien girl mixed up the words and said “amazingderstand.” She thinks she has to say whatever Momo tells her to say. Momo realises she’s getting attached to the alien girl and thinks she’s the enemy.

But they keep finding out different things about the world around them. Momo gets something from the alien girl, and she thinks it might be a gold ball. It helps the Alien girl change her clothes, and Momo wonders if she is stripping because her new clothes are for strippers. She shows Momo what she can do and then goes back to her normal shape. Momo realises she knows nothing about aliens and thinks Turbo granny will tell her everything once she looks at the Alien girl. Momo checks the time and sees that they only have five minutes left to get to school, so she decides to take a shortcut.

Dandadan Chapter 75 Release Date

The next chapter of Dandadan will come out on September 25, 2022. Momo and Vamola went into a dangerous place because they thought it would get them to school faster. When they meet the mean old hag who says she’s pretty, Vamola tells them that it’s Pomade. The next chapter is where Vamola, Momo vs. Pomade starts. You can find out what the official says about Dandadan Chapter 75 below.



Read Dandadan Chapter 75 Online – Raw Details

Viz Media and Mangaplus both have sites where you can read Dandadan Chapter 75 online. Every week, a new chapter of Dandadan Manga comes out. But the spoilers for the next chapter of Dandadan Manga come out on the same day. In the next chapter of Dandadan, two aliens start to fight each other. Let’s get together when Dandadan Chapter 75 comes out.

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