Did Adam Levine Cheat On Wife Behati Prinsloo?

Adam Levine

Adam Levine, a member of the band Maroon 5, has been accused of having an affair with an Instagram model. This is a shocking turn of events. Not only that, but the singer, whose wife Behati Prinsloo is expecting a child, asked the model if he could name the child after her! The video went viral at the time, and in the 10 hours after she posted it, 7.5 million people watched it.

Sumner Stroh, who has about 350,000 people following him on Instagram, has come forward and made this serious accusation in a TikTok video that has gone viral. Stroh also said that she had a short affair with the married singer for about a year, but she didn’t say exactly when it happened. Behati Prinsloo, a model for Victoria’s Secret, is married to Adam Levine.

Instagram Model Makes Shocking Revelations!

In the video that went viral, the model says she had an affair with a man who is married to a Victoria’s Secret model. She also says she was young, naive, and felt used at the time. The Maroon 5 singer has been married to Prinsloo since 2014. They recently announced that they are expecting their third child together.

In the viral TikTok video, Stroh also showed a screenshot of an Instagram direct message in which the singer is said to have asked her if, if he has another child, he could name the child Summer. The Instagram model then showed screenshots of flirty Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) from an account that seemed to belong to Levine.

Adam Levine with Behati Prinsloo

Summer also said that she had never planned to tell the story to the public, but she did so because she sent the screenshot to a few friends and one of them tried to sell the story to a tabloid. The Instagram model also said that her morals had been messed with without her knowing it. Summer seems to take a shot at him when she says she is embarrassed because she was with a man who had no remorse or respect for her. At the same time, she makes it clear that she is not trying to play the victim.

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