High On Life Release Date: Another Ridiculous Installment To Come

High On Life Release Date

High On Life is the most recent game from Squanch Games, which was started by Justin Roiland, who helped make the TV show Rick and Morty. Also, like the studio’s last game, Trover Saves the Universe, High on Life will have a unique sense of humour and the voice acting of Roiland himself. This time is different, though, because High on Life is a first-person shooter in which your guns talk. Here is everything we know about the show High on Life.

When High on Life was shown for the first time at the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, it got our attention right away. With its Metroidvania style, absurdist humour, big sci-fi ideas, and arsenal of talking guns, it is easy to see why so many people want to play this game. In the video game High on Life, we play as a bounty hunter from another planet who has to stop an alien gang from getting high off the life force of humans. High on Life is expected to come out at the end of the year. But while you’re waiting, why not learn what you need to know so far?

The ridiculous world created by Justin Roiland’s gang

What Is High On Life About?

In the crazy sci-fi world of High on Life, humans have been kidnapped by an alien cartel and are being used to make alien drugs. Along the way, you’ll stop at different places, like a lush jungle paradise and a big city inside an asteroid.

Gameplay Details

High on Life is a first-person shooter, so most of the game will be about shooting, but it also looks like there will be some puzzles and platforming. So far, we’ve seen a few different guns from the game. There is a standard blue pistol, a red knife that can be turned into a bungee cord-like thing, a green machine gun, and a yellow pistol that shoots horrible little aliens.

The most recent gameplay trailer shows a boss fight where the player must avoid the boss’s beam attacks and use the grappling hook to fly around the area when the platform disappears. We don’t know much about High on Life’s gameplay beyond shooting and exploring, but the website and Steam page mention something called “Hunter Challenges.”

High On Life Release Date

High On Life will come out on Xbox on December 13, 2022. Right now, it can only be played on that platform. The game will be playable on PC, Xbox X|S, and Xbox One. Also, the game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it comes out. We finish talking about Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games’ new game. Happy gaming and until time.

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