Hot Bench Season 9 Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

One of the most liked and watched shows is Hot Bench. It is a new court show that started on September 15, 2014, in first-run syndication. It is based on a panel of judges. Judge Judy Sheindlin, along with executive producers Randy Douthit, Maureen FitzPatrick, and David Theodosopoulos, and supervising producer James Glover, make the show for CBS Media Ventures.

In the show, three judges—Michael Corriero, Tanya Acker, and Patricia DiMango—preside over small-claims cases and argue about them in the courtroom before making a decision (under the format, only a majority – two of the three-panel members – need to agree on the verdict).

Before being chosen for the programme, Acker was a lawyer, and Corriero had worked for the New York State court system. Before taking this job, DiMango worked on the Supreme Court in Brooklyn, New York. As with other TV court shows, the panel acts as an arbitral court, and the cases are a kind of binding arbitration in which the parties agree not to go to court and instead take part in the show.

During the first two seasons, attorney Larry Bakman joined DiMango and Acker on the panel. Bakman said in October 2016 that he was leaving Hot Bench to focus on his law practise. Bakman’s last episodes aired on October 28, 2016, and Corriero’s first episode was set to air on November 1, 2016. Series creator Judge Judy Sheindlin and her husband, former The People’s Court judge Jerry Sheindlin, were guest judges for the original Halloween 2016 broadcasts.

Recap Of The Previous Season

A woman gets a restraining order against her allegedly dangerous neighbour because she is scared of his song lyrics and tired of him calling the police. He sues her for his legal fees. A driver is blamed for causing a car to swerve and flip over. A store’s policy says that customers can’t return items that have been opened, but a customer says he wouldn’t have known he had the wrong things unless he opened the boxes.

A father and son go to court to get another driver to fix the grill on their car. A bank security officer gives $2,500 to a stranger to buy him a car at an auction, but the money goes missing. The man’s doctor and the DMV have given him permission to drive, but he knows that his epilepsy sometimes acts up. Whether or not the plaintiff and defendant win their case, they may never be a family again. This could be because of divorce, drug abuse, or accusations of child abuse.

A 19-year-old without car insurance has to deal with the aftermath of her first car accident, and a landlord’s lawyer tells her not to return a tenant’s security deposit. The “first licenced mobile mechanic in Las Vegas” went to the home of a loyal customer who didn’t know a motor mount from a mud flap but knew her car shouldn’t shake and rattle when she drove it.

Hot Bench Season 9 Episode 9: Release Date And Streaming Guide

Hot Bench Season 9 Episode 9: Release Date 

The ninth episode of Hot Bench’s ninth season will air in the United States on Syndicated on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. There are a total of 15 episodes, and each one is 20 minutes long.

Hot Bench Season 9 Episode 9: How To Watch

It will be available on Roku Channel and Fubo TV. The programme was made by Judy Sheindlin. Hot Bench is a new take on the courtroom genre from the people who made Judge Judy.

Hot Bench Season 9 Episode 9 Preview

A panel of three judges hears court cases, discusses the facts of the case among themselves, and then makes a decision. Judy’s trip to Ireland, where sometimes three judges work together to decide a single case, gave her an idea.

In the next episode, a teenage delivery driver hits a disabled woman’s convertible from behind, making it look bad while he tries to explain that it was her fault because he didn’t see her. The last month’s rent is still owed by an ex-tenant whose partner punched a hole in the door during a fight. Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango, Michael A. Corriero, Larry Bakman, and Sonia Montejano are all part of the cast.

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