House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained: Why Did Criston Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained

What an hour House of the Dragon Episode 5 was. It was definitely the best House of the Dragon season 1 episode so far (episode 3 was the second best, and you know why). This episode gave us that Game of Thrones “what the f*** just happened?” feeling.

Viserys’s health got worse, and he asked Corlys’s son Laenor Velaryon to marry his daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen. This was just one of many things that happened in episode 5. Rhaenyra and Laenor agreed to do their jobs, get married, and do whatever else they want. This means that Joffrey’s lover, Laenor, can be with Rhaenyra in secret, and Rhaenyra can be with Ser Criston.

Except for Ser Criston Cole, everyone was happy with the deal. At the end of the episode, he punches Joffrey’s face so hard that it breaks. The question is why Criston Cole killed Joffrey Lonmouth. We talk a lot about the reason. Also, why has Ancient’s personality changed over the episodes, to the point where she now acts like a queen?

Did Daemon Kill Rhea Royce?

The Dragon’s House In the beginning of Episode 5, Damon’s wife, Rhea Royce, is out hunting near her home in Runestone. House Royce is an old and famous family in the Vale, and George RR Martin mentions them all over his books. Waymar Royce was the “Noble who was killed by the others” in the beginning of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Also, Yohn Royce was a big part of the TV show Game of Thrones, and they will show up again later in this story. In World, they are probably best known for the runes they carve into their bronze breastplates. These runes are meant to protect the wearer from harm, which we see in this episode.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – Daemon Kill Rhea Royce

In this case, though, it doesn’t work very well for Rhea Royce. When Daemon shows up, her horse rears up and throws her off. He then hits her in the head to finish the job. It’s not 100% clear how he gets the horse to rear up. If you know, let me know in the comments, but his goal and plan are clear. In Fire and Blood, this isn’t explained as well. It’s clear that Daemon wants her to die, but there’s no proof that he did it. In fact, he was somewhere else at the time.

Before we leave, there’s one more thing that stands out as a theme: Daemon’s inability to finish. Rhea confirms that they never really got married, which is why they don’t have any kids. She accuses him of this because she thinks he’s going to leave her to die. This is on top of the fact that he walked out on Rhaenyra and didn’t seem to be able to finish with Myseria in the last episode. This isn’t in any of the books, so let’s see what happens next.

The Targaryen-Velaryon Union

We should also talk about the fact that Viserys is sick. At first, the iron throne only gave him a few cuts and infections, but now it’s a lot worse. He coughs all the time, gets nosebleeds, and falls down at the end of each episode, and people are starting to notice. The question of who will be king after the king dies is no longer just a theoretical one. As Otto tells Alicent, “the king won’t live to be an old man,” and both sides think the other will start a war over it. Otto tells Alicent that Rhaenyra will have to kill her own kids if she wants to be queen.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – The Targaryen-Velaryon Union

Rhaenys tells Corlys, just as she told Rhaenyra, that the powers that be will never let a woman sit on the iron throne and will go to war to stop it. But Viserys is at least trying in this episode to make sure Rhaenyra will be queen by getting her married to Laenor Velaryon. This is smart politics because it brings back The Velaryon’s fleets, money, and power. And at the time of the episode, it means that all of the Dragon Riders, including Daemon, are now on team Rhaenyra.

But Corlys is a proud man who is hard to deal with. First, there’s a bit of a snub not meeting them at the door instead sitting on his throne while Viserys has to approach him like the lesser man, and then he demands a discussion about succession Laenor and Rhaenyra’s firstborn child will inherit the throne Viserys assures him. But what is their last name? Children should get their names from their fathers, so…

He is basically asking for the House of Targaryen to be replaced by the House of Velaryon, which is a huge request. Viserys’s compromise is that the children will be born Velaryon, but when they become rulers, they will change their name to Targaryen. This is a fair deal, even though Viserys is in a weak position, because this is all about good politics.

Why Criston Felt Betrayed?

But there is a reality that lies beneath the politics. Rhaenyra and Laenor know each other and seem to get along well, but he is gay and in love with someone else, and she seems to be very interested in Criston Cole. She suggests that they do what they need to do to make their fathers happy, which is to get married and have at least one child. After that, they can each eat as they please. This is almost the exact same thing Daemon told her in the last episode. A wedding doesn’t have to mean the end of everything. She should do what she wants, and Lane will support her. Even more, Joffrey’s lover seems to love the idea. Sir Criston is the only problem.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – Criston Felt Betrayed

On the way home, he suggests something completely different: they could run away, forget about getting married, go to Essos, and just be together. There, they could get married and leave all of this behind. Rhaenyra tells him about the idea she told Laenor, which is that they could still be lovers even though she has to marry Laenor. She looks like she’s about to tell him the big Targaryen secrets, like how they have to keep the family line going because of Aegon’s Prophecy, but he storms off.

It looks like he’s been feeling bad about what’s been going on with Rhaenyra. We talked about this last time. He came out of nowhere and was put in charge of the King’s Guard. He took holy vows of chastity, which he has broken many times. He thinks that the only honourable way out of this situation is to marry Rhaenyra. Then they could be husband and wife, and he could be happy with the choices he has made in his life. So all he hears from her is that she says “No.” She only wants it to go on in secret, even though he keeps breaking his promises. We’ll get back to what happens to him next in a minute.

The Pre Wedding-Ceremony

Now we’re at the wedding feast, where, as usual, a lot of people are making big entrances. First, there’s Jason Lannister. He’s still the same, and Rhaenyra rolls her eyes when she sees what he’s doing. The Velaryons show up, and it’s clear that they brought Joffrey Lonmouth, Laenor’s lover, because this is their big moment. With them, Daemon walks in silently and sulking. He’s still banned and doesn’t seem to have been invited, but it’s a wedding, and Viserys doesn’t want to make a scene, so he gives him a seat at the top table.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – The Pre Wedding-Ceremony

Sir Gerold Royce goes up to Daemon and accuses him of killing Rhea Royce. Daemon did kill Rhea Royce, which is what most people think even if they don’t say it out loud. Daemon doesn’t deny it, and to make matters worse, he says he’s going to go back and take Runestone’s seat in house Royce, so he’s someone to watch out for next time.

Why Alicent Is Hating Rhaenyra?

Sir Gerold Royce goes up to Daemon and accuses him of killing Rhea Royce. Daemon did kill Rhea Royce, which is pretty much what everyone else thinks, even if they don’t say it out loud. Daemon doesn’t deny it, and he adds insult to injury by saying he plans to go back and take Runestone’s seat in house Royce. This is a person to watch out for next time.

Now, he takes a moment to tell Alicent that the king told the Grand Maester to make some herbal tea for Rhaenyra and bring it to her in a quiet way. This is Moon tea to stop unwanted pregnancies, which Larys seems to know right away, but Alicent seems to take a little longer to catch on. Rhaenyra told Alicent that she hadn’t slept with anyone, even though she swore on her mother’s life that she hadn’t.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – Alicent and Ser Criston

Alicent knows from the rumours that it was Daemon, so she calls Criston Cole to ask him what happened between Rhaenyra and Daemon. But he thinks she’s talking about him and Rhaenyra, so he tells her everything. One of the best parts of the book is trying to figure out which side Larys Strong is on. Here, he seems to be on team green or at least trying to win Alicent’s trust.

But the most important thing is that Alicent is now on the offensive and that her love for Rhaenyra has burned away. She walks into the Great Hall at the exact moment she knows everyone will be looking at her. When she has a chance, she goes over to her family to talk. The Hightowers promise to back her, which is different from the old Alicent, who was always humble and did what she was told.

Why did Criston Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?

But now the real drama starts because people start dancing and talking to each other. We might have even seen Mushroom, who is famous for being a fool in the courts of the kings and queens of Westeros and is a huge fan favourite in the books. Keep an eye on the fact that Layna Velaryon and Daemon are flirting. Daemon then asks Rhaenyra if she really wants to get married to Laenor. She pushes back just as hard, asking why he doesn’t do something about it right now if his plan was to marry her.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – Ser Criston and Joffrey

All of this is dramatic, but the real excitement comes when Joffrey finds out that Rhaenyra’s lover is Criston Cole. Joffrey is very excited about the idea that Rhaenyra and Laenor are married. But they can both keep seeing their partners and want to get in touch with Criston Cole. Since they both want to meet him, they should look out for each other.

But it’s clear that Joffrey doesn’t know everything that’s happened and that Criston doesn’t want that. He also doesn’t know what Alicent will do with the fact that he just told her he was guilty. He has been angry and upset for a long time, but he doesn’t show it until he kills Joffrey. He goes to the Bible to try to kill himself, but Alicent stops him.

This whole story about why Rhaenyra’s best friend Criston Cole suddenly switched sides right before she got married to Laenor is one of the most interesting parts of the book. We are given a few possible explanations, each of which makes sense in some ways but doesn’t seem to fully explain the situation. This is up to the reader to decide. Here on the show, we find out that Criston Cole was so upset about what had happened with Rhaenyra that he wanted to run away with her but she wouldn’t let him. Instead, he said something that would make Criston feel even worse.

House Of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained – Criston tries to commit suicide

Alicent found out the truth by accident or because Larys pushed him in that direction, and she took advantage of it by being the understanding, forgiving one and giving him another chance. So now Criston hates Rhaenyra like a jilted lover and is thankful for Alicent’s kindness. As George RR Martin has recently said, there are two canons in his mind: the book canon and the show canon. So this doesn’t really prove that what happened in the book is true. Instead, it keeps it a mystery in the book, while here we know what happened, and both stories end the same way.

Rhaenyra and Laenor do get married, almost as an afterthought. After all, this is politics, and all the feelings on the outside don’t matter much. The blood of Joffrey is still on the floor. Laenor keeps crying. Rhaenyra was only saved from the mini Riot by the quick action of Harwin Strong, who is another strong to keep an eye on. Viserys also collapses, which is not a good start to their marriage.

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