House Of The Dragon Episode 6: Spoilers And Preview

House of The Dragon Episode 6

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon There will be spoilers, and here’s what we know about them. We got chills down our spines when we saw the trailer for the upcoming game. Also, episode 5 was the last time we saw Queen Allicent and Princess Rhaenyra when they were young. In the next episode, there will be a big jump in time, and all of the characters will have grown up.

Straight to the point, Princess is now married to Ser Laenor so that there won’t be any more scandals during the feasts or weddings before the royal wedding. The king’s small council has brought up another problem that is caused by Daemon. This guy will do anything to make trouble in his brother’s life, and every episode shows the same thing.

It is a problem at the Step Stones, where the area hasn’t been protected in almost a decade. This means that we haven’t seen a new episode of the show in 10 years. Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Allicent are also sitting with the King at the small council and talking about things. The two clearly have a disagreement that started in the fifth episode.

A still of grown Princess Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon Episode 6

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House of The Dragon Episode 6 Spoilers

The King is getting old and bald, and each day his health gets worse. When we last saw Aegon, he was only three years old. Now, he is a young man of 13. He has also been working out with his dragon. Princess Rhaenyra is now married to Ser Laenor, and they have three children together. Let’s get right to the show’s plot by giving away the real spoilers. If you feel uneasy about the same thing, you might want to skip this part.

If the Princess’s three children are with Ser Harwin Strong, it will be a huge accusation against her. Ser Laenor is gay, and it’s no secret that he likes men. Ten years ago, when his love was thought to have been killed at their pre-wedding party, something inside of him also broke. He really cared about Joffrey Lonmouth, but Ser Criston killed him, which broke his heart. He won’t be able to sleep with Rhaenyra, so it’s clear that he won’t. So, there is a saying in the books that Rhaenyra’s children are between him and Ser Harwin.

In the trailer, we see Queen Allicent telling The King that having one “bastard” child is a problem, but having three is an insult to the realm. Allicent had been against Rhaenyra for a long time after she found out that the Princess had lied about being a virgin and slept with either Ser Criston or Daemon.

Trailer Breakdown

The children of Rhaenyra are also growing up with the dragon. As the dragon blows fire all over the place, we see one of her children say “Dracarys” to it. One thing that stands out is that her kids have brown hair, just like Jon Snow did, while she has black hair. This would prove that the kids are sure that Ser Harwin is who he says he is. Because if they were Laenor’s, the kids’ hair would have been paler or even blonde, like Lady Lana, Ser Laenor, Ser Corlys, and Princess Rhaenys’ children.

We see that Aegon is training to become a fighter and that he may have used his sword to kill a man on the field. King Viserys, who was watching from afar, is very happy that his son won. Ser Criston has also gotten older. Even though he has a beard, he is still as handsome as ever. Rhaenyra and the children will be the biggest mystery of the next episode, and we’ll also talk about how the Queen and the Princess, as the title of the episode suggests, will solve their problems while staying inside the Red Keep’s family politics.

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