How To Tame A Basilisk? Basilisk’s Abilities, Location And Taming Strategies Explained

How To Tame A Basilisk

The Basilisk has been around since at least “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” It was added to ARK: Survival Evolved with the Aberration DLC. Because of what he has done, he is now the biggest snake in the Ark. You can also tame and ride him. Because of his long-range attacks, he is the best fighter for fighting at a distance.

In Ark Aberration, the deadly basilisk is a reptile that looks like a snake but is twice as big and has many of the same traits. Because their bodies are made for it, this species is the best at fighting. They can move without being seen by digging a hole in the ground and can kill an opponent in seconds with the poison they release.

When a basilisk kills an enemy, the body goes back to the ground where it waits for another creature to be attracted to it and kill it. In Ark Aberration, if you can tame a basilisk, you can use all of its fighting skills, so we’ve put together a guide on where to find one and how to tame it.

Basilisk In ARK

The basilisk is a very big snake that looks like a titanoboa but is much bigger. From the outside, it looks different than this one, though. It has a three-pronged tail, shovel-like spikes on the back of its body, and a head that looks more like a dragon’s. The basilisk’s body is covered with scales that look like diamonds. On the back of its head, there are a few spikes and two horns. Its tongue looks like a snake’s tongue, and its mouth is full of sharp teeth, including two huge fangs.

How To Tame A Basilisk – Basilisk In ARK

The only thing you will see is the basilisk’s hole. Only the three-pointed tail sticking out of the ground will be visible, and if you’re lucky, you might even see it in time. If you’re not lucky, you’ve become his prey and fallen into his trap without knowing it. When he attacks, he bites you and then spits a poison ball at you. After he kills his prey, which in this case is you, he goes away to wait for the next fool.

Even if the basilisk lays eggs, you can’t breed it, but you can ride it. It is a fighting mount because it can throw the poison ball far and can be attacked from a long distance. When they bite, they inject poison into the victim. Frontal attacks also work because of this. The basilisk can also burrow when told to, even when someone is riding on it. Just pay attention enough to make sure you don’t run out of air.

It’s not hard to find the basilisk in the Aberration because it spawns in deep places all over the map. Most of the time, the Basilisk is found in the lower parts of the map, like The Lost Roads, The Ancient Device, The Spine, and Element Falls. On the map below, the areas where the basilisk is more likely to appear are all marked with yellow squares, while the areas where it is less likely to appear are marked with orange squares.

How To Tame A Basilisk – Basilisk Location

How To Fight Basilisk

This part tells you how to fight against the Basilisk. By burrowing, basilisks will always stay hidden for as long as they live. You can tell if one is nearby by looking for a forked tail sticking out of the rubble. Being about 12 yards away will make them mad, which will make them jump up. Fighting a Basilisk on your own is never a good idea, so make sure you have enough mounts or weapons. Basilisks are fast, even though most mounts can easily outrun them. If one is in the way, you can fly it over a cliff. After they have followed you across, they will move out of your way.

Basilisks can be killed just as easily as a Spinosaurus. If you don’t have a gas mask, you should avoid close combat, since a gas mask, hazard gear, or a tek helmet can neutralise poison, just like a Poison Wyvern. If you have to fight without this gear, you’ll have to think of other ways to keep from losing your mount. To attack while avoiding poison spit, you can run and jump if your mount is small, fast, and quick. Bigger mounts can tilt their bodies in that direction so that poison shots don’t hit them.

How To Tame A Basilisk – Basilisk Size

Weaponry And Dangers

Use long-range weapons like compound bows or assault rifles to fight a basilisk. You can kill low-level Basilisks with a crossbow if you can shoot from a safe place, but it will take a lot of arrows. It is strongly advised not to use weapons and ammunition that make Torpor because it can’t be taken down. Don’t get too close or use melee weapons because the basilisk’s melee attacks can make you tired and knock you out before they do any damage.

Aside from its forked tail, it can hide by burrowing into the ground, which makes it easy to catch by surprise. Keep your guard up at all times, even if you didn’t need to on Aberration, because they are almost everywhere on the map. The basilisk’s attack is a poison that explodes and does a lot of damage when it hits. The poison wyvern and a gas mask can both help with this. A basilisk’s bite is also poisonous, and if a survivor or tamed animal is not careful, their torpor may rise and they may pass out. In addition to being strong, fast, and powerful, they also have good health, a good melee attack, and good speed.

How To Tame A Basilisk?

Instead of using drugs to calm it down, the basilisk is tamed without violence. On Aberration or Genesis: Part 1, the player must use Magmasaur or Rock Drake eggs that have been fertilised in order to tame the creature. When the basilisk isn’t underground, throw them at it or close to it on the ground. Even though it will still eat eggs if it is angry, it is unlikely to do so. Because of this, it is best to stay close to it until it loses interest in the player. When the egg gets close to one of them, the basilisk will “attack” it and eat it, making the taming process go faster. The history of each fertilised egg won’t affect how fast it can be tamed.

How To Tame A Basilisk – Place Eggs As A Bait

If you need more eggs, you should go somewhere safe for a long time because the Basilisk rarely gets hungry again. One strategy is to use a fast mount, like a Raptor with a lot of speed, to lure it over to the fertilised egg. When it gets angry, it moves quickly because it can’t fly on the maps it lives on. If you drop the egg while moving, make sure it comes from your own supplies. If it comes from the mount’s supplies, the basilisk will still eat it when it’s not upset, but the taming process won’t move forward.

Second Strategy To Tame Basilisk

A different strategy would be to use mounts like the Rock Drake, Rex, or Magmasaur, which don’t bother the Basilisk. Once you have its attention, get off your horse close to it, get back on, and kite it into a circle. Don’t hit it. Keep an eye on it at all times, and if you see that it is turning its head to the side from your tame, get off your mount, move to the other side, and get back on it to keep aggro. Karkinos is another word you could use. Hold a weak wild dinosaur, like a parasaurolophus, and irritate the basilisk. Keep going around in a circle and dropping eggs from your survivor’s supply to protect the poor creature that is being held.

Remember that every time the basilisk digs, its ability to be tamed will go down. Maintaining aggro is one way to stop this from happening, but making a trap of some kind is easier. To use constructions, you may need to use Dinosaur Gates and/or Walls with Fence Foundations, leaving a corner gap just big enough for the player to get out but not the Basilisk. This strategy only works if you move around to draw its attention to your location and then lose it again, because it will try to attack the structure to get to the character. But be careful because it spits poison.

How To Tame A Basilisk – Basilisk Is Tamed

Third Strategy To Tame Basilisk

Building a cage for a basilisk out of pillars and foundations is by far the easiest way to get rid of it. Since the basilisk can’t get through walls, your ability to tame it will never get worse. About 7-8% of the basilisk’s ability to be tamed is lost every time it digs a hole. Be careful, because it won’t eat if it’s badly hurt, and it won’t eat again until it’s almost back to normal. Even if the Basilisk is not burrowed, it will lose the ability to be tamed in the long run. One way to stop this is to keep the aggro on a creature or on yourself at all times.

The rest of the steps are easy because all you have to do is keep feeding the Basilisk Rock Drake Eggs until it’s done. The best thing to do is come back later, so you don’t have to worry about the basilisk getting away. Basilisk sometimes won’t eat eggs because he might not be hungry. The level 30 Basilisk takes about 1 hour and 27 minutes to tame, and it takes about 10 minutes between feedings. This means that you have to give the Basilisk one Rock Drake Egg every ten minutes during the taming process.

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