If You Wish Upon Me Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 15: Release Date

Jee Chang Woo is one of the most popular Korean drama actors in terms of making money. People liked him because he stood out from all the other actors who played the same roles over and over again when he chose action-packed scripts early in his career. But in the end, he decided to stop acting in action dramas for now because he hurt himself a few times while filming them.

Even though Jee Chang Wook’s fans were upset, they still thought he would do well in any type of film. Jee Chang Wook has now won all of his romantic comedies in a row. With the movie If You Wish Upon Me, he is back on the TV screens of his fans. Episode 14 of If You Wish Upon Me has left viewers wanting more and looking forward to Episode 15.

We’re here to tell you when episode 15 of “If You Wish Upon Me” will come out. Here’s a rundown of what happened in the most recent episode of If You Wish Upon Me, before we talk about how to watch episode 15. Gyeore has finally found out about the man in Room 403, we know. He is his father, and we can see how hard Gyeore tries to keep things from Yeonjoo.

A still from If You Wish Upon Me Episode 1/cr: KBS2

His secret is found to be that he wants to solve the problem by himself. Yeonjoo sees that he is staring and tries to ask him about it, but Gyeore avoids the question. Yeonjoo does what she can to cheer up Gyeore. She knows he’s always up for a meal, so she invites him to dinner, but Gyeore isn’t interested. She goes to get food by herself, and as she walks into the cafeteria, Dr. Yang, who is eating by himself, draws her attention.

When he is about to tell Yeonjoo what’s bothering him, he is stopped by one of the nurses who comes to help him in a crisis. Later, Yeonjoo and Gyeore go to the funeral for Grandmother. Yeonjoo checks Room 403 when she gets back to the hospice. She finds that the patient is no longer there. Then he is seen talking to Gyeore. She wants to know what is being said.

A still from If You Wish Upon Me/cr: KBS2

Yeonjoo finally talks to Gyeore, and then Gyeore tells Yeonjoo the whole truth. He figured out that the person in Room 403 was his father.

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