Jon Pardi And Wife Summer Expecting First Child Together!

Jon Pardi and Wife Summer

Everyone should be happy for Jon Pardi and his wife Summer because they are going to have their first child together. In November 2020, almost four years after they started dating in 2016, the musician married Summer.

The country star recently shared his happiness by saying that he is ready to start a new adventure with his wonderful wife Summer and their new baby. He also said that he is excited to meet their baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with. They’ve talked about how excited they are for this new adventure.

Jon Pardi and Summer Got Married in 2020

Summer has also been honest about her journey, saying, “It feels great. She’s a little tired, but overall, she feels really good.” She also said, “I’m very lucky for that.” The hairdresser also said that she is both excited and scared about becoming a mother, and she can’t wait to see Jon as a father.

Summer said that Jon has the heart of a big kid and is always the life of the party. He also has a lot of positive energy, so she can only imagine how much fun this little Pardi will be for him and their family. She also said that being a parent will be the best thing in the world. Jon’s new album, Mr. Saturday Night, came out earlier this month. The singer is having a busy year.

Jon Pardi and Wife Summer

Since they got married, they have been open about wanting kids and saying that they have been trying to grow their family. Summer said that even though the two years of ups and downs had been interesting, it can be hard on a couple to be let down every month. The couple said they put it in God’s hands and just enjoyed each other and their crazy, fun life together. Then, to their surprise, they found out they were expecting a child.

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