My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

My Dear Donovan Ep. 14

K-dramas are now the most popular way to have fun. The dramas made the people who watched them feel something. One of the most popular dramas of the last few years is My Dear Donovan. People have been talking about how good that show is. At first, it was pretty interesting to watch. After a few episodes, though, the story got boring and hard to follow.

Different people in the crowd complained. The story of the drama is disappointing, say the people who watch it. The story doesn’t have a centre or a way to go. But as the story turned into something interesting, people paid more attention to it.

Since they spent a lot of time on that drama, My Dear Donovan, they decided to keep doing it even though it got a lot of bad press. So far, 12 episodes have been shown. Episodes 13 and 14 are coming up next.

My Dear Donovan: Recap Of Previous Episodes

When people talked about Episodes 11 and 12 of My Dear Donovan, it got people interested when Donovan solved everything with Pam. Jessica tried to get in the way of Donovan and Pam’s relationship. But it was a waste of time. Donovan found out that she liked Jessica, and he made it clear later that he was no longer interested in her.

Romance of Donovan and Pam

Donovan was still talking to Jessica, which made Pam a little worried about their relationship. But when Donovan found out Pam was sick, he worked things out with his current girlfriend, Pam.

The audience was looking forward to the love story of the main character. But the song was a little too easy on the ears. But after that, Donovan tends to walk in the wrong direction again. As the main bad guy in the show, Jessica always wants Donovan to get into her. But Donovan denied being with her. So, she is now sure that she won’t leave Donovan. She wants to get Donovan to spend more time with her. Jessica tries to seduce Donovan, and she is even able to do it.

Jessica is able to keep Donovan in her car, just as she had planned. So she can kiss him and they can get closer. Donovan couldn’t stop himself and kissed Jessica, which is a weakness of men. During that time together, both of them are captured on purpose. Then Pam was shown the clips. Jessica wants her plan to work out. When Pam finds out the truth, she loses it and loses control. At that time, Aood comes to her aid and saves her.

Donovan is into Pam

My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Spoilers 

After that, Pam starts to feel very anxious and doesn’t know what to do. Then she decides to follow Donovan to Manila, where he is supposed to be on business. Donovan told Pam that the trip was for work. But there is a lot of suspense about the trip.

Now, in the next episodes, viewers will find out what really happened on that trip. Why does Donovan lie, if he does? What would happen after that? And why does Pam’s mom worry about them being together?

My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Preview 

My Dear Donovan is about a model named Donovan (played by Luke Ishikawa) who is looking for a girl he met before. He wants to find Pemanee or (Pam Namtan Tipnaree). Pam is a kindergarten teacher, but when her grandfather gets sick, she feels helpless. She joins Palee Modeling so that she can help support her family. Pam has two different jobs in the same place. She works as both a manager and a private interpreter.

The coup Donovan-Pam

By then, Pam is involved in Donovan’s personal life, and he and Pam are about to start dating. But some antagonists try to make their relationship hard to understand. But the futures of these two partners are tied together. But the mystery has yet to be solved.

My Dear Donovan Episode 14 Release Date

After Episode 13 of My Dear Donovan, Episode 14 is a lot more interesting. They are waiting for it to come out. Episode 14 is the last one, and it will answer a lot of questions. So it makes sense that people are waiting for it to come out.

After Episode 14 of My Dear Donovan is going to come out right after episode 13. Episode 13 will come out on September 21st. The next day, on September 22, Episode 14 of Dear Donovan will come out. Since the drama has always come out on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the next one will do the same.

Watching Guide:

Since August 10, My Dear Donovan has been streaming on GMM 25. That same network would show the rest of the episodes.

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