Once Upon A Small Town Episode 9: Release Date, Streaming Guide And Preview

Someone has come into Ji Yul’s life, so Episode 9 of Once Upon a Small Town will be full of new drama. The series tells the story of two people who couldn’t be more different from each other. Ji Yul was a vet in Seoul, but his grandfather told him to come to the countryside. He eventually meets Ja Young, a police officer who is everyone’s favourite because she is always willing to help.

The plot of the drama is nothing special, but it’s enjoyable to watch because it’s so calm. But right now, it seems like there’s not much to offer. The characters don’t have any real differences between them. Since Choi Min and Sang Hyeon only exist to be third wheels, it doesn’t make much sense to bring them into the story. It will be interesting to see what Choi Min does next to make Ji Yul “fall” for her.

Choi Min’s success comes later in the story, but Ji Yul and Ja Young have done a good job of making us fall in love with them. Sang Hyeon is a great friend, but it’s possible that his relationship with Ja Young will stay the same in the future.

Even so, Once Upon a Small Town is a drama you won’t regret watching, despite its few flaws. The way the main characters help animals in need is very sweet, and the way they get along is also one of the movie’s best parts.

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 8 Recap

Even though they both feel the same way now, Ja Young still can’t get over the confession from the night before. Ja Young was very happy as she rode back home on the same bike that Ji Yul had given her.

The next day, Ji Yul hears Mal Guem talking about Ja Young while he is talking about who won a contest between Huidong and Majeong. But he meets Mal Guem later when she asks him to help her sick mother’s dog. At first, Ji Yul didn’t want to do it, but when Ja Young pushed him, he gave in.

Once Upon A Small Town Ep 9

A Still From The Series

On their way, they enjoy being in a relationship and think about whether or not they should talk to each other ( That was a nice moment). Also, Ja Young said that she didn’t want to say anything bad about Mal Guem, which was a bit off topic.

Ja Young, being Ja Young, can’t really see the bad in people, or she chooses to only see the good. Even though Ji Yul wasn’t over it yet, he went there to help.

After getting treated, Ja Young and Ji Yul saw that the tyre is flat. Because of this, they had a chance to spend some time together.

A Still From The Series

On their way home, they found a surprise visitor waiting for them. Choi Min, who Ji Yul used to date, was the one who did it. Even though he doesn’t want to get back together with her, she wasn’t in the mood to understand that. She said that no matter what, she would make Ji Yul love her in the end ( way too cliche). Plus, she was going to stay there.

In just a few seconds, awkwardness filled the air to the point where Ji Yul and Ja Young didn’t know what to do.

Sang Hyeon was there to make sure that everything went wrong. He knows that Ja Young doesn’t like him as much as she likes Ji Yul, and that Ja Young doesn’t like him as much as she likes Ji Yul. Still, he doesn’t leave anything out.

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Once Upon A Small Town Episode 9 Online Streaming Details

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 9 will be available on its original network Kakao Tv. The drama is currently streaming on Netflix. 

However, to view the drama on the app you will have to buy a subscription.  

There are a variety of plans to choose from. Pick whichever feels favorable to you and then enjoy the drama set in the backdrop of nature. 

The ninth episode of Once Upon a Small Town will come out on September 21, 2022. So far, the drama is moving along at a pretty steady pace. However, given the plot, the number of episodes could have been cut a bit.

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