Rockstar Games To Delay GTA 6 Release Amid Source Code Leaks: Source

This is a surprise to a lot of people, because the company is known for keeping things secret, but information about their upcoming game, GTA VI, was leaked. The word about GTA 6 is spreading like wildfire, and the company that has done a lot to make video games popular is under a lot of pressure. Rockstar Games is working to get rid of any pictures or videos of leaks that are already on the internet. But as the saying goes, something that goes on the internet stays there. And the topic is now popular because a lot of YouTubers have made videos about it without breaking any rules.

The incident has also shaken up the internet, and the GTA 6 leak has become one of the most talked about things in the gaming community and among fans of the game. But even though gamers were bound to react, it’s strange to see who they’re on the side of. And no, most people don’t agree with the hacker, but they don’t mind that Rockstar and Take-Two are trying to fix things.

GTA 6 Leak

Who hacked the game?

The hacker says he was the one who just recently broke into Uber. If that’s the case, they have literally raised the stakes this time. The hacker is in talks with the company. He or she wants to be paid to keep quiet. And this hacker has a lot of private information about them.

Not only do they have the source code for GTA 5 and GTA 6, but they also have information about the people who work there. As a direct invasion of privacy, this makes it a top priority to deal with the threat. Also, the hacker is not from the United States. Instead, he or she is from United Arab Emirates (UAE). Making it hard to charge the person who stole the information.

Many people have also been interested in how the companies will work to get it. It is in their best interest to protect their employees’ privacy as well as the source code for GTA 5 and 6. As of the time this article was written, the company was still in talks and hadn’t made a public statement about the whole mess.

What are the leaks? 

We can’t get away from this subject. We’ve learned that leaks are gold mines for fans. And since GTA 5 was made so long ago, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to know what it’s about. And this is the main reason why Rockstar Games and Takes Two are trying to get rid of all the video footage from the internet. Even though there are many reasons why companies don’t want their content to get out, that doesn’t stop people from sneaking a peek at what is in the works.

One of the most important things to learn from the leaks was who the main character or characters were. Rockstar had said before that GTA 6 would be the first game to have a female main character. When we look at the leaks, it all seems to be true, and we also see a new main character who fits in with the other main characters in the GTA games.

Since GTA 5 had three main characters, it makes sense that the sequel would keep going in the same direction. But the change in how GTA is played will make a big majority of fans happy. The game will be much less violent and more sensitive than the last one. This also means that the cheat codes won’t be as fun to use on a PC.

Last but not least, there is gameplay footage and gameplay footage under the development game. Many people are interested in seeing the raw schematics and source code, but the parent companies are not. We also learned that the game will come out in 2025, probably at the end of the year. There is a catch, though.

GTA 6 Leak

Rockstar may delay GTA 6 further.

Yes, you read that right. The hacking and leaking problem could cause the game to be delayed. We asked our company source, who asked to remain anonymous because the matter is so important. Our source is currently working on GTA 6, and when we asked if this leak would slow down the development and release of GTA VI, this is what they told us:

“The upper management is furious that the source code of the game is leaked, which would attract lots of exploits & cheats when the game comes out. The development team is under major pressure from the higher-ups to re-do the source code in a way exploits can be avoided. Rockstar is currently taking the necessary steps to avoid setbacks from the leak. The game was supposed to release around September 2025, but given the leaks, it might not be released till late 2026. Fans should know that the company does not want to disappoint them regarding any delays, so they will not admit to any delays officially.”

Rockstar Games have also released an official statement; they are confirming here that there will not be any delay. What to believe is up to you.

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