Speak No Evil Ending Explained: Expanding The Boundaries

The ending of “Speak No Evil” needs to be made clear, and that’s why we’re here. Well, 2022 has been a great year for scary movies, and there are even more coming out for Halloween. This new movie is directed by Christian Tafdrup, and it has both horror and mystery elements. We can see Morten Burian and Sidsel Siem Koch in the lead roles.

They both play the parts of Bjorn and Louise again. Fedja van Huet plays the part of Patrick in the play. Karin is a role that is played by Karina Smulders. The movie can now be seen on Shudder. The ending of Speak No Evil is not only mysterious, but it also makes us think about a moral choice and gives us a chance to talk more about them.

There are also psychological themes and a little bit of dark comedy in the movie. During their vacation, two families meet when one invites the other to dinner. We see Bjorn, who is shy and quiet, meet Patrick, who is more outgoing, while they are both on vacation with their families. After talking for a long time, Patrick invites Bjorn and his family over to his house for dinner.

A still from Speak No Evil


Louise and her daughter Agnes also come to the party. When the simple family gets to their house, Karin and their don, Abel, who is very quiet and creepy, greet them. Bjorn and his wife spend most of the evening trying not to offend and be rude to their hosts, and the other family makes them feel very uncomfortable. They keep going over the line and trying to put them down, especially Bjorn.

As the movie goes on and more time passes, we try to figure out what’s wrong with Patrick’s Dutch family. I mean, they’re creepy as hell, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Karin makes Louise eat meat even though she doesn’t like it. Bjorn has to pay a lot of money for their pricey meal, too. The kids, on the other hand, are left alone with a babysitter named Muhajid.

As Patrick acts even more irrationally, things start to get worse. He watches Louise take a shower, and when Abel and Agnes mess up a dance routine, he yells at and insults them. When Louise finally gets her husband to leave this weird house, they find their daughter sleeping in Patrick’s room with a naked Karin.

Although, they do not escape as they initially planned to do so. Their car breaks down in the middle of the woods on their way back, and as Bjorn leaves the car in order to get help, he comes back to find that Patrick and Karin have taken Louise and Agnes as hostages.

Speak No Evil Ending Explained

Patrick and Karin are actually criminals who like to hurt people. They are not Abel’s parents. They took him away and cut off his tongue so he won’t tell the truth. When Bjorn goes back to their house to look for his wife and son, he also finds Abel’s dead body because Patrick killed him. The same thing happens with Agnes and Louise, too.

At the end, Agnes’s tongue is also cut out, and the couple takes her away. Patrick takes Louise and Bjorn away and kills them with stones. The ending shows how people’s inability to speak up when others are being downright rude can get them into trouble in the end. The project is beautifully made and shows what’s wrong with people who try to stay calm when their limits are crossed.

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