The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144 Release Date: Frey Conquers Thousand Villain Monsters

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144

After 4000 years, the Great Mage comes back. The great battle between a 9-Star Magician and a Mighty Warrior is shown in Chapter 144. Frey thinks that those bad guys can’t do anything compared to what he can do. He realises that everything he can hurt is too far away for him to reach. Frey uses Blizard to instantly kill the bad guys in front of him. Frey knows that the duel will take a long time because there are a lot of bad monsters. The other warriors watch Frey fight the bad monster, and when he does something that makes the monster blind, they cover its eyes.

Frey’s spells rain down on them while a thousand armies of evil monsters land on the ground. Frey rolls his fist and squeezes it, and the bad guy monster breaks. The woman with red hair likes what she sees. Frey got rid of the army without any worry. The Indian guy was also shocked, and he said in an Indian accent that Frey killed thousands of creatures in a second. He knows that many people doubt Lucas, but since he did the impossible, he shocked the world. The Elf race is also impressed and realises that Frey can beat an army of a thousand without giving them a break.

The woman with green hair calls out Frey’s name and realises that what happened on this day will be known as “Silkd’s Snowflower.” Frey’s name spread all over the world because no one had ever done what he did during the fierce battle. Frey won the battle because he was able to defeat the army of bad monsters. Frey always makes things look easy, and everyone knows it. Even though they didn’t fight, the team celebrated their victory by eating different kinds of food after the battle. They know that Frey won’t let anything bad happen to them.

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Everyone talks to the old hag while she eats two big pieces of meat. She asks Frey what he was thinking, and the elf woman hopes that Agni will hear the commotion. Frey agrees even though his mouth is full, but he decides he would rather eat than talk. Frey realises that he needs to eat a lot because the battle has used up a lot of his strength. The elf woman isn’t sure what Frey is up to because he seems suspicious. Frey tells them that Agni never leaves Talhadoon and that they can win the battle if they can get Agni to leave his home.

The Great Mage-Returns After 4000 Years

The elf lady is glad to hear that and thinks it sounds like a good plan. Frey keeps talking about his plans and how they will trick their enemy, which will give them an edge in the battle. He told his team not to hurry because it would cost them a lot. Frey also said that he planned to clear out all of Silkid with Isabelle, but he changed his mind and decided to use Isabelle as a pack animal. Frey says that he will be fighting a monster, but he won’t run away even if he has to fight a Demigod.

Elf woman can’t believe Frey will make Agni leave his home. While he is talking to her, Frey goes somewhere and realises that he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve for his next battle. He tells her that they are about to start the next battle. He tells the three of them to meet Silki’s great chieftain and asks him to fight Agni. Frey also told them about meeting Ivan and realising that he is well-known and can help them out. He tells them that they shouldn’t kill Ivan. Master Beniang was also talked about by the group.

The Great Mage Returns-After 4000 Years Chapter 144 Release Date

Chapter 144 of The Great Mage Returns—After 4,000 Years will come out on September 26, 2022. Frey told the green-haired man that they would meet later to talk about Schweizer Strow. He tells her that he likes how hard she works. In the next chapter, the team gets ready for the next battle. Check out the latest information about The Great Mage-Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144 below.


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