Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4 Release Date: Junta And The Demon Girl

Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4

The mystery of Junta’s promised marriage from ten years ago is revealed in Tokyo Demon Bride Story. Junta is back in town and is about to face the woman he promised to marry. After Junta meets his dream girl in Chapter 3, Chapter 4 of Tokyo Demon Bride Story starts. Junta and the girl go after a bad guy in a mask who is trying to get away from his crimes. The mysterious girl tells Junta that she wants him to follow her. She also told Junta that she would chase the masked bad guy from above. Junta does what she says, figures out that the masked bad guy has seen him, and guesses what he will do next.

Junta doesn’t know the masked bad guy, so he wonders if he’s wearing glasses. The two people think they will soon catch the masked bad guy. In another shop, two women enjoy talking while they eat, but they don’t know what’s going on outside. They talked about a well-known high school student who can do any job as long as he gets paid well. The blond girl tells about the day when the popular kid carried a fridge the size of a wardrobe up a hill for money.

The popular guy can also hunt down and return dangerous German foxes on his own. The popular kid works like a madman every day. He’s good at hunting, so he always gets his target, no matter what. The popular kid has been helping people with different things, and when he walks by, you can only see the dust because he is so fast. He can pass a car going 200 miles per hour twice and still win the race. Junta runs fast and catches the masked bad guy. The bad guy in the mask looks down and realises that no matter what he does, he can’t get away.

Tokyo Demon Bride Story

Previously on Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 3

The villain in a mask notices that Junta has his jacket and that it is slippery. Junta tries to trick him, but he doesn’t fall for it and runs away. The bad guy in the mask looks back and laughs at Junta for not being able to catch him. He says he’s sorry that he’ll get some pocket money. Junta tells him to stop and tells him to give up the goods. The villain’s mask falls, which is a surprise, and Junta is shocked to see his face. The bad guy says that there are a lot of flies there and then uses his long tongue to catch and swallow the flies. He thinks he’s lucky to be in a place where there are a lot of flies.

Junta thinks the bad guy might be a frog that eats flies, so he keeps looking for him. The mysterious girl comes from above and says that she has been waiting for two days for another spirit to show up. The bad guy is worried about her, but she can’t catch him. The face and appearance of the mysterious girl are shown, and she is revealed to be the Demon girl. The Demon girl smashes the bad guy with her weapon and tells him that he will pay for hurting Junta.

The bad guy falls on his back and starts to see the truth about what is going on. Junta sees the Demon girl Chan Ging’s Phantom Spirit Sword. The bad guy is worried and can get away because he has taken so many hits. He knows he can’t get away and wonders if Demon girl will stop beating him. The Demon girl tells Junta not to worry, and she goes back to her beautiful form without horns. She says that she is Mononoke and that she and other people like her use something called Spirit Magic. The Demon girl explains that there are two kinds of Spirit Magic and that she can turn anything into anything else.

Demon Girl

Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4 Release Date

Chapter 4 of Tokyo Demon Bride Story will come out on September 25, 2022. The Demon girl and Junta tie up the bad guy and realise they’ve finished their work for the day. The old witch joins them, and they say they’re sorry for messing with her clothes on the line. In the next chapter, Junta and Demon girl will start on a new adventure. You can look at the most recent changes to Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4 below.

Read Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4 Online – Raw Details

You can read the fourth chapter of Tokyo Demon Bride Story on Mangaplus and Viz Media. If you missed the last part of the Tokyo Demon Bride Story, you can read it for free on the websites listed above. A few weeks ago, Tokyo Demon Bride Story started. After Tokyo Demon Bride Story Chapter 4 comes out, let’s get together.

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