Tower Of Fantasy Global Release Date: Similar To Genshin Impact?

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will be released this year by Level Infinite. If you like open-world games, especially those you can play on your phone, you’re in for a treat. Just looking at this game makes me think of Genshin Impact, which makes me even more excited for the release of Tower of Fantasy Global.

In Tower of Fantasy, an action role-playing game with an open world, players fight enemies while controlling different characters in a big world. Players have access to every character’s weapons and can move around in futuristic vehicles. For what it’s worth, Tower of Fantasy is a pretty chill MMORPG. It has a world chat, and as you play, you can see other players walking around.

The creators at Hotta Studio and the publishers at Level Infinite say that players will enjoy “a post-apocalyptic anime-inspired sci-fi art style, freeform character creation, immersive objectives, and engaging combat through thrilling fights and fascinating open world exploration.”

Tower Of Fantasy Global Release Date

The game Tower Of Fantasy will come out on August 12, 2022. As for the story, Tower of Fantasy is a mix of anime and science fiction. It takes place on the planet Aida hundreds of years in the future and has post-apocalyptic themes. You might wonder why you are on a planet in the far distance. Your homeworld is no longer habitable because people used up all of the planet’s resources. You have to figure out how to stay alive on this planet for the sake of your people if you want humanity to get better again.

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy – Open World

The game has a big open world that makes it fun to look around. You have to learn how to live in this strange world if you want to stay alive, and what better way to do that than to learn about its buildings and landscapes? In the game, you can play as different characters, and each one has its own weapons and way of fighting. So, you have a chance to win in every situation. You can also work with friends to find your way through these strange places.

Tower Of Fantasy Gameplay

In the open-world live streaming RPG Tower of Fantasy, you can play as many different characters, and each of them has a unique weapon. You can play it alone, but you can also work with other players to fight monsters that are all over the world. If you played Genshin Impact, this will be similar to what you did there.

But there are some differences that are clear! One is that Tower of Fantasy puts a lot of emphasis on how you can change your character. You’ll start by choosing your character’s hairstyle, eyes, clothing, and other details. This means that you don’t have to play the same character as everyone else. Instead, you can play a character that fits you.

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy – Gameplay

In the sci-fi universe, you can visit six futuristic zones, and each one looks different. Using mounts can help you move through the wilderness a little faster. Why walk when you can ride a robot horse or drive your own vehicle from the future?

How To Download Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will be available for PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The PC version will be available through the Epic Games Store, Steam, and a separate Windows client. To get Tower of Fantasy for your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store. To get the Android version, go to the Google Play Store.

The official website for Tower of Fantasy lets you download the PC version right away. When you click “Windows,” it will start to download. When we last checked, preloads weren’t available on Steam or the Epic Games Store, but you should be able to download the game from those launchers once it’s out.

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy – Character Customization

Tower Of Fantasy Crossplay

Cross-play, cross-platform multiplayer, and cross-progression are all possible in Tower of Fantasy. Players will then be able to move their saved game data between iOS, PC, and Android devices. This is easy to do because the registered account can be logged into on multiple devices. The official launch FAQ for the game says that player progress, characters, resources, and purchases can be moved between different systems. Even though everything here is great, players should know that there are some restrictions between servers.

Due to local matching, some modes of Tower of Fantasy can be played with people on different servers. But the game’s official launch FAQ says that to form a crew, the user must join the same server as their friends. It also says that character information isn’t shared between servers. This means that even if a server is nearby, a player won’t be able to move their progress to it. The FAQ says that when choosing a location, a player should pick a server that is close to and similar to their own country.

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