Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date: Rose Is On The Top

The release date for Vampire Academy Episode 5 is coming up soon, which gets fans excited. The show is a hot plate of different kinds of stories, including fantasy and horror. The story of the show comes from a series of books with the same name. Richelle Mead wrote these words down. Julie Plec has worked on the project for Peacock, which has turned out well.

The series is a remake of the movie with the same name that came out in 2014. It is also the second time that the novel series has been turned into a TV show. As for what the show is about, it shines a light on Rose and Lissa as they go through their own lives and try to deal with everything. Rose is born to be a guardian, and as a dhampir and a protector, she has to do what she is meant to do.

As for Lissa, she is a Moroi Vampire Princess and has a duty to the people who follow their rules. These teens go to St. Vladimir’s Academy to start their careers as vampires. This place is a boarding school where many vampires try to be the best version of themselves. Before we talk about what will happen in the next episodes, let’s quickly go over what has happened in the last few episodes.

A still from Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy Episode 4 Recap

Back in Vampire Academy Episode 2, Lissa was very worried that if her secret got out, people might never look at her the same way again. Rose also knows what she has done and must now face whatever comes next. Also, Sonya has finally learned something new about herself that will help her on her way through life.

Later in Episode 3 of Vampire Academy, called “Death Watch,” we saw that The Dominion is in a lot of danger and might lose everything. Rose, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same way and is even looking for a match for her. Christian is the first one to hear the shocking news going around their world, while Lissa decides she no longer wants to stay in the shadows and wants to make a big move so that people will remember her bravery.

Then, in Episode 4 of Vampire Academy, called “Benchmark,” Rose and her story went in a new direction. We saw a big test in front of Rose that will test her skills and figure out how she will become a Guardian. Victor is part of the new plan to improve the Dominion, so he gives Lissa a place to say what she thinks as well. There is a catch, though, that Lissa probably didn’t see coming at first. Well, that was a review of the series, so let’s talk about what will happen next.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of Vampire Academy will come out on September 22, 2022. Peacock is supposed to die at the end of the episode. Every week, new episodes will come out on Thursday, so fans can add a tracker for that.

How to Watch Vampire Academy Episode 5

By becoming Peacock, it’s easy to watch Vampire Academy Episode 5. You will have to sign up for a paid plan to be able to watch the series. Most of the content on the platform can be streamed for free, but some of it is locked. You can get these if you pay $4.99 a month for the Peacock Premium plan. For $9.99, you can get the next level of the series, which gets rid of the ads for you.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Spoilers

In Episode 5 of Vampire Academy, we’ll see that Rose has finally shown the rest of the Vampire Academy at St. Vladimir what she’s made of. She is now the leader of her clan at last. But getting to where she is now has cost her a lot, and her character will change in the same way. On the other hand, Lissa also needs to step up. We will see her get up and take care of things by herself.

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