What Does House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Mean For Allicent’s Character?

Here’s why Episode 5 of House of the Dragon changed Allicent for good. We watched the episodes in order, starting with the royal weddings. The King went to Lord Corlys’ house and asked Ser Laenor to be the Princess’s husband. This means that the two biggest and most powerful families in Westeros’s history will join together. Now that The Crown is stronger than ever, the Targaryens are truly entering a new age. Princess Rhaenyra is the first woman to be an heir to the Iron Throne, so it’s clear that she’ll get criticism.

Family politics are still a big part of this episode of “Game of Thrones,” as Ser Otto Hightower leaves the Red Keep on the King’s orders. This means that even his father has left the house, leaving Queen Millicent completely alone. She only has herself and her kids for friends. Rhaenyra and she stopped being friends as soon as Allicent married her father.

Allicent still thinks of Rhaenyra as her friend, and she believed the Princess when she said she had never slept with Prince Daemon. Even though Rhaenyra didn’t always know the whole truth, she almost never lied to the Queen about the same thing.

Now, Queen Allicent gets a visit in the Gods Wood from a man who says he knows everything because he can see. So, he tells her that the Grand Maester sent a special tea to Princess Rhaenyra to help her have an abortion when Daemon came back and the accusations were made against her late at night. Allicent is worried because she thought Rhaenyra was still a girl.

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How The Plot Shaped Up Around Allicent

When we get back to the Red Keep, we see that Ser Criston is already sad because Rhaenyra didn’t agree to get married to him and run away with him to Essos. She must know what her responsibilities are to the Realm because she does them anyway. Rhaenyra is now an adult woman learning how to play “Game of Thrones.” So, when they get back, the Queen calls Ser Criston to her room, where she finds out to her surprise that Rhaenyra slept with Ser Criston and not Prince Daemon.

This hurts her because the only person who was her friend turned on her. At the royal feast for Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor’s pre-wedding nuptials, she walks into the hall in the middle of the King’s speech. She’s dressed in a dark green dress. It is the colour the house Hightower uses when it declares war. Now that we know Allicent is angry, what does this episode mean for her story and character arc? Let’s all agree on the same thing.

What Does Episode 5 Mean for Allicent’s Character?

Queen Allicent wants to say that she is the Queen when she walks into the hall alone and dressed in green for the feast. She has always been in the shadow of her father because he used to play cards for her. But Allicent proved in this episode that she is a Hightower, even though she lives with the Targaryens. Rhaenyra has been her only best friend and companion since she was a child. Since Rhaenyra has betrayed her, she wears the gown to honour her Hightower culture and show that she doesn’t like Rhaenyra or her rule.

We saw that she didn’t want to raise her kids and that she almost hated their half-sister for the Iron Throne. But her views have changed since then. Ser Otto also told her to be careful because when Rhaenyra becomes queen, she will go after her children first because they have the best chance of taking the throne since Argon is a man.

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