What Episode Does Naruto Beats & Control The Nine Tails?

As we look at one of the most interesting parts of the Naruto series, we should think about how the events fit together so we know when some of them happened. To figure out in what episode Naruto controls the nine tails, we will have to look at a few things and how they happened. Because at first, the nine tails fought back and didn’t want to share its Chakra, even when Naruto was able to beat it.

Not until the fourth shinobi world war did the nine tails start to think of Naruto as a friend and let him freely use its Chakra. This was the turning point in their relationship, which changed into the exact opposite of what it had been. For now, let’s look at the first time Naruto tried to take control of the nine tails chakra.

Because in the end, he was able to beat the nine tails in a battle that looked like a tug of war, and Naruto came out on top. This will give Naruto more nine tails chakra and allow him to use the nine tails Kurama mode, which is a bit different from the full transformation we usually see when he fights at full power. The main problem with this transformation was that Naruto was using nine tails chakra against his will, which meant he couldn’t fully change.

At least this gave him huge power boosts, like the chakra arms he got, and he also had a lot of extra Chakra, which made him a tough opponent in battles.

What Episode Does Naruto Control The Nine Tails

To find out which episode Naruto was able to face the nine tails in his mind, we have to think back to when he was training with Killer B. Because this was an important part of Naruto’s growth as a Shinobi and a time when he changed a lot.

Naruto vs Nine Tails

In episode 247 of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto is in charge of the nine tails. He was having trouble getting rid of the Nine Tails in his subconscious, but the backup plan his parents had left for him worked. Naruto was so angry that he couldn’t move, but when he saw his mother, he was calm because she had put Chakra into his seal before she died. This helped him get back into the fight.

So, he was full of happiness, which was enough to cancel out the bad feelings of the Nine Tails. This gave him the ability to use more techniques with sage mode, thanks to his clones, who have been collecting natural energy while he fights.

As the fight between Naruto and the nine tails went on, he used his senjutsu-enhanced clones to attack, knocking Kurama back and stopping the nine tails for good. This was needed to force a tail beast that didn’t want to work with its host to do what it was told. Because this was always the plan when his parents put the nine tails inside of him and sealed him up.

Killer Bee and the Eight Tails Gyuki showed us what a good relationship between a tailed beast and its host looks like. So Naruto was also motivated by that, and he and Kurama had been working toward a similar goal even though it was clear from the start that things were going to be hard for them. But as the episodes went on, we could see how things were going to turn out.

Naruto Controls Nine Tails

Despite the fact that Naruto was able to beat the nine tails. This did not always give him 100% of the beast’s chakra. This only meant that he could use most of its Chakra however he wanted. At this point, the only thing he wouldn’t do is change into a full-tailed beast, which would require help from the nine tails. We finally got to see what his full-tailed beast form looks like when Kurama joined Naruto in the shinobi world war.

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