What Episode Does Naruto Join The War?

Naruto joins battle

When the fourth shinobi world war started, it was clear that the shinobi alliance planned to hide Naruto and Bee from Obito while they fought him somewhere else. So it was hard for fans of the duo to think that we won’t get to see them fight together. But as things changed, they ended up on the battlefield, and this time we’ll look at which episodes Naruto joins the war.

When we finally got to see how new Naruto changed after he beat Kurama and took over his Chakra. We couldn’t wait to see what he could do next with his new abilities. It must have been clear that he would be a great help in battle. But he had to show that he was right before he could go into battle.

It was interesting to see how Naruto and Bee got along while they were training together. And we wanted to see more of that and what they can do when they work together. At first, they were given a mission to keep them from thinking about what was going on outside.

Naruto was so excited that he finally got to go on a S rani mission that he couldn’t see straight. Bee was happy to get out of his village and see the world for the first time. Since he wanted to see more of the world, he couldn’t turn down this good chance. All of this happened while people were getting ready for war in the background. So this mission for Naruto and Bee was a good way to keep Obito from finding them, since they were sent to a holy place where he couldn’t find them.

What Episode Does Naruto Join The War?

In Naruto Shippuden episode 296, “Naruto Enters the Battle!,” Naruto joins the war. This was after he was able to convince the fourth raikage in front of Tsunade that he should join the war. After he was given permission to join the war, he and Bee rushed to the battlefield, where they quickly ran into an army of white Zetsu.

Naruto vs White Zetsu

They were quick to show off their new powers and combinations, and Naruto was already so strong that even when one of his clones showed up on the battlefield, it made a big difference. Naruto and Bee worked well together when they broke down the barrier that stopped them from going into the battlefield.

Because the Barrier was so hard to break that even Bee couldn’t do it by himself. But Naruto was able to control his tailed beast and use most of the chakra it had. He was very helpful because he and Bee worked together to attack the barrier until they finally got rid of it. The next task was interesting because Naruto showed the Raikage how much he had grown to the point where the Raikage finally let him fight.

As Bee and Naruto move forward on the battlefield, Naruto sends several of his clones to help in different fights. And because of this, a lot of lives were saved because the sensory division started reporting victory as soon as Naruto’s clones joined the fight. Obito was still pretending to be Madara on the front lines of the battle, so the real Naruto stayed with Bee so they could join the fight.

So the sensory division worked quickly with Naruto and Bee to let them know where help was needed. Naruto would then send clones to help out in those places.

Naruto and Bee Enters The War

The first person Naruto and Bee met was Toroi, who was in battle with Musai and Nonota. He was giving them a hard time. This happened after they easily beat the white Zetsu army they ran into. Toroi was a shinobi who had died and come back to life, but because of his ability, no one could go near the medic’s tent on the battlefield. But after Naruto and Bee got rid of the danger, things got better as Naruto and Bee went deeper into the war.

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