Why Did Francis Ellis Get Fired From Barstool?

Francis Ellis was fired from the sports and popular culture blog site Barstool. But why are they doing it? Francis Ellis has become well-known for his work with the company, especially for the Barstool Gold comedy special Bad Guy, which he was in. What did he bring to the table? Francis Ellis was the host of the morning radio show Barstool Breakfast and also wrote books.

Francis Ellis is the only one to blame for his leaving Barstool. Why? He did what? People are very shocked, and most of them still don’t know what went wrong in full. Well, it has something to do with what he does. What we know is as follows.

Reason Behind Francis Ellis Getting Fired From Barstool

Back in 2019, Francis Ellis was fired from Barstool. He got into trouble when he made fun of a girl named Mackenzie Lueck in a blog post on the Barstool website. At the time, she was missing and going to college in Utah. Why did they make fun of them?

Francis made fun of Mackenzie for having the “proud sugar daddy” on her social media accounts. He also said that she was a big fan of the “Call Her Daddy” Barstool podcast. A couple of weeks after this post was made, Mackenzie disappeared and was later found dead.

Dave Portnoy, who owns Barstool, said on his Twitter account that he fired Francis Ellis for the same reason. He called it a “insane move” and said that Francis didn’t know she had died when he posted it. Also, he couldn’t explain or back up Francis’ choice to post. But some Barstool employees thought Francis was the most trustworthy person in the company.

Francis Ellis

When Francis heard that Mackenzie had died, he went straight to his social account to say he was sorry and share his grief. He said, “I shouldn’t have written about that story at all. It was a terrible mistake, and I’m very sorry for what the Lueck family has lost. I can’t even think about what they have to go through. The last thing they need is for some fool on the internet to give his or her opinion about what they are going through.”

What did Francis say when he was asked what he thought about Dave Portnoy firing him? Well, I was surprised by how good it was. Who would accept getting fired from a job, no matter how many mistakes they made? Francis was one of the very few who did.

He said it was “completely right.” He went on to say, “I’ll think about my choice for a long time.” It’s good to see that he has realised he did something wrong and is taking responsibility for it.

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