Why Did Mary Berry Leave The Great British Bake Off?

Everyone was surprised when Mary Berry left The Great British Bake Off. But what happened? Let’s take a look at the reality show before we get into this. Many people love baking, but they haven’t made it their job yet. This show is all about showing off the baking skills of home bakers who compete against each other. At the end, the person who stood out the most is named the best amateur baker in Britain.

The first season of The Great British Bake Off aired in 2010, and Season 13 is currently airing. In terms of how well-known it is, it has won both the British Academy Television Award and the National Television Award.

Well, Mary Berry has been judging The Great British Bake Off for a long time. In case you didn’t know, she is a famous chef, baker, and TV host. She is also known as the Queen of Cakes, which you didn’t know. So, it’s clear why she has been in this important position on the show. How come Mary Berry left? Here’s what people who liked her should know about her leaving.

Mary Berry Left The Great British Bake Off: Here Is Why

Changes happen in people’s lives even when they stay loyal and dedicated. The same thing happened when Mary Berry left the show Baking Battle.

Mary Berry, a food writer, quit The Great British Bake Off because she has always stuck with BBC. What went wrong? The show has just been moved to Channel 4, which is a different network. Then she decided to keep working for BBC. She didn’t let herself change because she was loyal and had a lot of drive. Mary said, “It was a programme on the BBC, and it grew there. So I chose to keep working for the BBC.”

Mary Berry

So, this wasn’t the only thing that happened. After the change was made, it didn’t look like Mary Berry was asked in writing to stay on the show. She said, “Well, I didn’t answer the question. People told me what would happen if I went to Channel 4, what I would get, and what the pros would be. But I never met with them,” she said. “I’d made up my mind. Being on the BBC is a great honour for me. I was raised with it.” Not everyone is brave enough to do something like this.

Every event has a good reason for happening. Mary Berry appeared on shows like This Morning, Strictly Come Dancing, and others after she left The Great British Bake Off. She is doing great things even at this age. Good luck to her!

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