Why Did Sherif Leave Love Island? The Real Reason Behind His Exit

Back in 2019, Sherif Lanre left the cast of Love Island. Why did he decide to do that? Fans still don’t know everything about this. Let’s look at who he is before we get into more details. Sherif is a professional rugby player who took part in Season 5 of Love Island. Since he joined the ITV show, he has become very popular on social media. But his leaving also made his fans wonder about some things.

Well, we can’t even say that Sherif Lanre left Love Island on his own, because the show’s higher-ups asked him to. In other words, we could say he was thrown out. He did what? What we know is as follows.

Real Reason Behind Sherif Lanre Leaving Love Island

Sherif Lanre left Love Island because of something that happened by accident. He kicked Molly Mae in the groyne. She was also on Love Island. It happened when they were playing, and it wasn’t done on purpose. He also used the c-word, which is a very offensive word. But he broke the rules and regulations of the show by doing it. The Love Island director then asked him to leave the show without saying goodbye to the other contestants.

Still, this wasn’t the only mistake. People who are on Love Island aren’t allowed to talk to people outside of the villa while they are there. Sherif was able to get in touch with them because he unlocked his phone. Sherif was also said to be hooked on cocaine and to have broken Anton’s nose during a fight.

Rugby player Sherif Lanre said on his social media, “I broke the rules of the villa because I didn’t think things through well, so I agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave.”

Sherif Lanre

Amber Gill, one of his co-workers on the show, said, “I was so surprised because I wasn’t there when that happened. I didn’t understand what was going on, and I still don’t. I was very sad because Sherif and I had grown close. I wish I had seen it so I could have judged it for what it really was.”

When asked about it later, Sherif said that the ITV show treats boys and girls differently. He also said, “A white guy was able to say sorry for using the N-word from inside the villa and keep filming, but I was kicked out for playing around and doing something by accident.” This is not right!

Best Wishes to Sherif Lanre for the upcoming days of his life. 

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