Why Did Steve Jobs Get Fired From Apple?

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple at one point. People are worried about what’s going on, and this is a recent trend. Steve Jobs was known as the co-founder, chairman, and founder of Apple Inc., which is a good place to start. Don’t forget to mention that he is well-known for helping to make the Apple II, the iPod, the iPhone, and the first Apple stores. He started the brand in 1976, and by the middle of the 1980s, it had already made a huge $2 billion.

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985 by John Sculley, who was CEO at the time, and the other board members. How come? Was that connected to the start of something else? Well, how did he feel when the people he hired fired him? What we know is this!

Reason Behind Steve Jobs Getting Fired From Apple

In 1983, Steve Jobs gave John Sculley, who was the president of PepsiCo at the time, an offer. He was very persuaded, and he ended up working for Apple.

But because John and Steve had different ideas, they didn’t like each other. That led to a meeting where the other board members decided that the first person should be the new leader of the Apple company. Steve was very surprised by this, and he was told that he no longer had any powers. Steve was also told that no one would work for him. It was more like a fight with John Sculley in the board room.

Steve Jobs and John Sculley

Steve decided to leave the Apple company because he was angry and had faith in himself. Later, he worked on other projects, such as the well-known “NeXT computer” and “Pixar.” If you don’t know about the first one, it’s a computer platform company that specialises in computers for business and higher education.

When asked if they felt the same, Steve Jobs said, “And then I got fired. How can you lose your job at a business you started? Well, as Apple grew, we hired someone I thought was very smart to run the company with me. For the first year or so, things went well. But then our ideas about the future started to change, and we stopped getting along. When we did, our board of directors agreed with him.”

Steve Jobs

After a few years, in September 1997 to be exact, Steve Jobs came back to Apple as the interim CEO. This made Apple the most valuable brand in the world. He was indeed a genius!

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