Why Was Steve Sarkisian Fired From USC?

A few years ago, Steve Sarkisian was fired from USC, which shocked his fans. a How come? Let’s find out a little bit about him before we go any further. Stephen Sarkisian is the head football coach at the University of Texas at Austin. He used to play football, but he is now retired. Before this, he coached for the Oakland Raiders, Washington, USC, Atlanta Falcons, and other teams. Putting aside what Steve did as a player, he won the Broyles Award as the coach a few years ago.

Steve Sarkisian was fired from USC, and there was a reason for it. He was told how long he needed to stay at the rehab centre. Things went wrong, and it was said that he was very upset about it. But it was needed. To be more specific, his health needed to be fixed first with the right care.

In the end, that needed some time away from being connected to USC. So, what did that mean for his health? Or did something else cause it? Here is what we know about USC firing Steve Sarkisian.

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