WWE Raw 1530 Preview: Bobby Lashley Vs. Seth Rollins For The US Title

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview

Extreme Rules 2022 will start with Raw, where Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley will fight for the US Championship in a brand-new match. This week’s episode of Raw will be about what happened after September 12’s strong episode, which saw a major storyline development and title change.

In another confirmed match, Mr. Money in the Bank will face the tough Kevin Owens as their rivalry heats up even more. At Crown Jewels, we might also get some buildup to the match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul.

When the September 19 episode of Monday Night Raw comes from the SAP Arena in San Jose, California, Judgment Day will keep causing trouble, and the woman who could be the next challenger for the women’s title will be happy to be back.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1530 Preview

Triple H seems to want to make sure that Raw viewers think the US title is a “real prize.” This should always be the goal, but Vince McMahon’s creative vision often led to titles in the middle of the card having little to no value. The Raw mid-card championship should get extra attention because it is, in theory, the most important men’s title on the show. Due to Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar’s part-time jobs, the WWE championship hasn’t been shown much on Raw in 2022.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview – Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins

How can the title in the middle of the card be more important? Have the winner keep defending it in fun TV matches. The current US Champion, Bobby Lashley, is the fighter who is giving the title a new level of respect. Lashley beat Austin Theory on July 2 at Money in the Bank to win the US Championship. Since Lashley successfully defended the title against AJ Styles, Tommaso Ciampa, and The Miz, Rollins is now the fourth person who wants to win it.

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley disagreed with Rollins’ claim that he was the face of Monday Night Raw because he is the US Champion and “holds the gold,” which should be a requirement for being called the face of the red brand. Rollins didn’t want to face Lashley for the championship, but when Lashley challenged him, Rollins said, “I would gladly take it off your shoulders.” It was agreed on right away, so now Raw will have a great match between these two top stars for the prized mid-card title.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview – Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

This is, without a doubt, Lashley’s biggest test as US Champion, and it could be his biggest test since his fight with Omos earlier this year. Most of the WWE Universe has been cheering for Lashley during his US Title defences, which have been a highlight of RAW. As of right now, these are two of the best guys on Raw, so it will be interesting to see who wins this match. Roman Reigns is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, but he is almost exclusively a Smackdown star right now. This means that the U.S. championship is the top belt on Raw, even though it isn’t called that.

Matt Riddle might have something to do with how this match ends. The Original Bro might have to pay Seth back for making Matt lose last week’s match against Finn Balor.

Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Build

The biggest piece of news over the weekend was that Roman Reigns will face Logan Paul at Crown Jewel in November to defend his belts. The company is doing a lot to get the word out about this show. On Saturday, they held a press conference in Las Vegas. As was already said, Reigns is mostly a star on Smackdown and has only been on that show. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something today to get more people interested in the match.

Kevin Owens vs. Theory

Kevin Owens, 25, and Austin Theory, also 25, have been at odds with each other. Owens, who used to be world champion, put the Money in the Bank winner in his place while he was complaining. Kevin Owens is back in the Prizefighter mode, even though he has become a big star as a babyface. So, it was easy for him to make fun of Austin Theory during an amazing promo session on last week’s episode of Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview – Kevin Owens vs. Theory

Also, Ownes beat the rising star two weeks ago on RAW. Theory said bad things about Johnny Gargano in public. Owens cut him off. Owens said that Theory had been given everything and that he would fail. Owens hit Theory after saying that Theory didn’t have the skills to lead the WWE into the future. This caused a fight to break out in the ring. Because the fight was so bad, WWE employees had to step in and separate the two.

The two have been fighting a lot in the past few weeks, and they can’t talk to each other anymore. Because of this, KO is set to fight Theory in a match that is expected to be very physical as the two try to work out their problems. This week, they will fight each other again. Since they will be tied at 1-1 at that point, if Theory wins, which seems likely, it will set up a trilogy match for Extreme Rules 2022.


During their match against Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez in the final of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Tournament two weeks ago, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were robbed. Aliyah even pinned Kai in an unfair way during the match, so she won the title.

A lot of people thought they’d win the championship, but that didn’t happen. But after months of nothing happening and a lot going on behind the scenes, these two might be the ones to get the women’s tag division going again. So, the two teams fought again, and this time, DAMAGE CTRL’s captain did some tricks outside the ring that let Kai use a backbreaker to pin Aliyah and win the title for their team.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview – DAMAGE CTRL

Now that her partners have won the gold, Bayley should try for the Raw Women’s Title. After all, she had earned the chance by pinning the champion, Bianca Belair, in the 6-woman tag team match at Clash at the Castle that wasn’t for the title. Bayley can’t think of a better place to challenge Belair than tonight’s WWE Raw, which is being shown in San Jose, Bayley’s hometown. So, either tonight or at the Extreme Rules PLE in October, the title match will take place.

Bianca Belair

The RAW Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, defended her title against Sonya Deville last week and won. But Bayley and Damage Control made it clear that they wanted to take all the gold.

This means that Bayley will keep competing against Bianca Belair, whom she left before getting hurt last year. The Women’s championship looks like it will go to Bayley or Belair, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a match between them was officially announced for Extreme Rules. Even if Belair’s time as champion in 2022 is longer than it was in 2021, Bayley could put an end to it all quickly.

Judgement Day

Edge was out for revenge on Dominik Mysterio during last week’s Raw main event, but he got tangled up with Mysterio’s friends. Even though Edge sometimes had the upper hand, Rhea Ripley would talk up Dominik until the fight ended in a no contest. The WWE Hall of Famer couldn’t handle the number game, so Judgment Day jumped on him and broke both of his legs.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 19 Preview – Judgement Day

Dominik viciously attacked the 11-time Champ to end the show, and despite the likely disappointing ending, The Judgment Day stood tall to end the show. After getting hit with several steel chairs and a Coup de Grace, the legendary superstar will not be on WWE TV for at least a few weeks. As we wait to find out more about his health, Judgment Day might be looking for their next victim.

WWE Raw 1530 Release Time & Where To Watch

WWE Raw 1530 will be on USA Network at 8 PM ET. Every Monday, a new episode of WWE Raw comes out. If you have USA Network on your TV, all you have to do is turn it on at the time above. But if you missed the show when it was on live or would rather stream WWE Raw, there are several ways to do so.

Since NBCUniversal owns USA Network, most streaming services offer the Bet as part of their basic plans. You can watch Raw live from anywhere with streaming services like fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, and Hulu Live TV. If you want to watch both WWE Raw and Smackdown, you should go to YouTube TV.

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