WWE SmackDown 1204 Preview: Logan Returns For Roman Reigns

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview

This week’s WWE Smackdown will build up both Crown Jewel and Extreme Rules at the same time. A well-known person will join the team, maybe to start a new storyline with Roman Reigns. Ronda Rousey will also be at the show, which will take place at the Honda Center in California.

The top contender match for the USO’s WWE undisputed tag-team titles is set for September 16, 2022, on WWE SmackDown. The four teams that wrestled on WWE RAW on September 5 will go at it again to see who can take on The Usos. The war between The Imperium and the Brawling Brutes will also get worse. Drew McIntyre will also answer to Karrion Kross’s attack from last week.

Even without the surprises in this article, you should pay close attention to this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Triple H has always fought for good content, so this episode shouldn’t be any different.

WWE Smackdown 1204 Preview

Last week, Braun Strowman, who is back now, wiped out these four teams completely. Strowman chose his story, which was unfortunate for all eight of these men. Tonight, this match will happen again, but this time with two new teams. The winner will get a chance to fight The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview – No. 1 Contender Match For Tag Team Championship

There will be a tag team match between Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, Ridge Holland and Butch, Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Top Dolla, and Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vincis. All four teams are very skilled, so it could be a great match no matter who wins. Will Braun Strowman come back to make them feel his presence again, or will the Usos finally have a challenger?

Logan Paul

Roman Reigns, who is the undisputed WWE universal champion, was on Logan Paul’s podcast ImPaulSive recently. After Reigns left, Logan Paul showed that he wanted to fight The Tribal Chief. In response, Roman and Paul Heyman went after Logan on Twitter. After Heyman told Roman to count Logan as “handled,” the older Paul Brother asked Heyman what he planned to do to “handle” Logan. Then, Triple H stepped in and asked Logan Paul to come to SmackDown. What will happen if Paul Heyman and Logan Paul fight? Will also The Bloodline join?

Do we really need to say that Logan Paul has the skills and talent to become a very good pro wrestler? Even though we don’t want to say it, it’s true. He will bring “media megastar intensity” to SmackDown tonight, where he might face WWE and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Logan has said in public that he can beat the Tribal Chief in a one-on-one fight, so it seems likely that this match will happen soon. Since it’s one of the best matches WWE can put together, they have every right to do it. Roman’s wise man, Paul Heyman, will probably be here tonight to answer Paul, so this part could be fun. You can see Logan Paul’s return on SmackDown on FOX.

Max Dupri

During a special episode of MMM last week, Max Dupri said something interesting in the dressing room. There was a hint that the day would end with night. This could mean that Max Dupri or Eli Drake is bringing back the LA Knight character.

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview – Max Dupri

By going back to his roots, one of the best pro wrestlers in the world will be able to show what he does best. This would mean that he will no longer be with his group of players with lower cards. Could he leave his friends and the world of fashion to go into a world he knows, one where people fight with their fists?

Sami Zayn And Kevin O

McIntyre And Kross

Last week on WWE Smackdown, Karrion Kross attacked Drew McIntyre from behind, ending the match between McIntyre and Solo Sikoa, which was the main event. Using the Kross Jacket hold, he put the Scottish Warrior to sleep. This was Kross’s second attack on the #1 babyface star since Summerslam.

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview – McIntyre And Kross

Kross has made it clear in his statement that the timeline should be set back to the beginning. McIntyre should be waiting for revenge on the most recent episode of WWE Smackdown, which will set up McIntyre vs. Kross for Extreme Rules. If Roman Reigns didn’t happen, this would be the main event of the next PLE.

Ronda Rousey And Liv Morgan

Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan are going to fight each other once more. They will try to win the gold at Extreme Rules. Ronda could take Liv’s arm and kill her for many reasons. Ronda’s first match after being back in the ring was last week. She easily beat Xia Li, Natalya, Sonya Deville, and Lacey Evans to become the best contender for the Extreme Rules women’s championship. Faced with Ronda Rousey, it’s clear that Liv Morgan is way out of her league.

Morgan is in big trouble, and she needs to come up with a plan fast if she wants to stay out of Rousey’s way. Morgan beat Shayna Baszler in a championship match at Clash at the Castle. Shayna Baszler could be the answer to everything. Rousey recently went up to Shayna to try to get her to remember how to kill again. If it doesn’t work out, Shayna could end up turning against Ronda. As the champion, that might be Liv Morgan’s best chance to get out of this situation.

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview – Ronda Rousey

Adam Pearce, who is willing to take advantage of his position to get back at Ronda for what she did to him, is Liv’s other option. Since Morgan and Rousey just fought for the title in a normal singles match at SummerSlam, it makes sense to change things up this time. If Adam Pearce chooses the gimmick, he would almost certainly try to use his advantage against Ronda, right?

Charlotte Flair Returns

The SmackDown Women’s Championship scenario needs to be made more interesting. No offence to Liv or Ronda, but the women’s division doesn’t have the same “X-factor” as it used to. If Charlotte Flair comes back, things might start back up again.

Because Charlotte’s character is both a babyface and a heel, she might get involved in the title feud. She may be able to give the sessions a sense of reality that Morgan and Rousey haven’t been able to because she is so good on the mic. Also, since the next game is likely to be one of the best of all time, it is likely to be even better.

More On WWE SmackDown

Solo Sikoa is the NXT North American Champion as of right now. Will he go to SmackDown with the NXT championship? Last week, during his match against Drew McIntyre, there was a break. Will he play someone different this week?

After their match at WWE Clash at the Castle, which became an instant classic, Gunther and Sheamus are still at odds. How will The Brawling Brutes and the Imperium write the next chapter in their ongoing rivalry?

WWE Smackdown 16 September Preview – Sheamus

Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah lost the Women’s Tag Team Championship on Monday Night RAW. Now they have to decide what to do next.

Braun Strowman caused trouble on RAW and SmackDown last week. Will he start his second run in WWE tonight with his first match in the ring?

WWE Smackdown 1204 Release Time & Where To Watch

FOX will show WWE Friday Night Smackdown at 8 pm PT. Every Friday, new episodes of WWE Smackdown come out. If you have FOX on your TV, you can just turn it on at the time above. But if you missed the show when it was on live or would rather stream WWE Smackdown, there are several ways to do so.

NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, has the rights to all of the weekly WWE SmackDown shows. Basically, Peacock is where you can watch all of the WWE shows. For a monthly subscription, you’ll have to pay $4.99, and if you pay an extra $5, you can watch without ads. You can also watch WWE Smackdown online through fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. If you are from Canada, you can go to SN Now, and if you are from the UK, you can go to BT Sports.

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