WWE SmackDown Results (16 September 2022): Winners, Matches & Summary

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results

Logan Paul started his fight with Roman Reigns on the September 16 episode of WWE SmackDown. Logan Paul said on his podcast that he is now ready to go up against Roman Reigns. After Paul Heyman and Logan got into a fight, Triple H asked Logan to come to Smackdown so they could make up. What did the famous person from social media say this week on the show’s squared circle segment?

In the #1 contender match for the WWE Tag Team Championship on this episode, Hit-Row, The New Day, The Brawling Brutes, and Imperium all tried to win a chance to fight for the title. Also, Raquel Rodriguez fought Bayley to get back at her. The buildup to the Extreme Rules event continued with stories about SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan, Drew McIntyre, and Karrion Kross, among others.

Logan Paul For The Title

Logan Paul seems to be the first one on stage. He starts by saying that he was wrong to talk stupidly again. He tells the audience how he said he could beat Roman at wrestling. He talks about how Floyd Mayweather beat him and how he didn’t get paid for it. Logan then invites Roman to a press conference that he is holding in Las Vegas tomorrow. When Paul Heyman comes out of nowhere and into the ring, The Bloodline and Sami Zayn join him. Heyman steps into the ring while the others circle the table where the announcer is standing.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Logan Paul

He puts out his hand for Logan to take. Logan Heyman says that Paul is the only possible person outside of WWE who could be the Paul Heyman guy. He praises Logan for fighting Mayweather, but he also pokes fun at him by saying that Logan is 6 feet 2 inches tall and Mayweather is only about 5 feet tall. As Logan shoots at Heyman, he says that Heyman has never fought anyone. Heyman goes on to say that Anderson Silva will beat Jake Paul without a doubt. He tells Logan not to go up to Roman.

Then, Logan asks Roman to fight for the world title. Heyman says that he needs to take care of him now. He gives Solo Sikoa a call. Logan asks Heyman to bet that Solo won’t be able to knock him out before Solo even gets in the ring. Sami Zayn steps in and tells Heyman that Roman should have left him to deal with Logan instead of stepping in. Heyman throws the mic to the ground and walks out of the ring. Sami tries to talk to Logan, but Logan punches him hard in the face. Logan avoids the attack from the Bloodline and gets away. Before Logan’s match with Sami, Ricochet seems to come out and stand next to him.

Sami Zayn vs Ricochet

When they lock up, Ricochet throws Zayn to the ground. Sami yanks his arm. The game is changed by Ricochet. Sami gives himself a kick in the stomach to get out. After a good shoulder tackle, Sami puts on a chin lock. While running the ropes, Ricochet avoids Sami over and over again. He moves faster and hits his head with scissors. Sami drops to the floor. As they fight on the ground, Ricochet hits his opponent with a basement slide dropkick.

Ricochet falls when he tries to springboard off the ropes and trips over Sami. Sami uses his face to hit the turnbuckle. Sami throws a lariat, which gets him two counts. Ricochet fights back with a pair of head scissors. Sami pushes him against the barrier and off the turnbuckle.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Sami Zayn vs Ricochet

When we get back, Sami is facing Ricochet at the top turnbuckle. Sami pushes him away, but Ricochet gives him a dropkick as he goes up in the air. Ricochet hits sidekicks and another pair of head scissors. He gets two points for a crossbody off a springboard. Sami stops the force of the backlash before doing a standing moonsault on his knees. Ricochet is able to do a superkick after stopping Blue Thunderbomb. Ricochet gets to the top, but Jimmy Uso makes him pay attention to something else. Sami throws a Blue Thunderbomb, but Logan moves the official away from it. Ricochet gets out of the pin when the referee is late.

After taking his opponent down with a headscissors, Ricochet pins him with a rana for a two-count. While Jimmy is busy, Sami gives Ricochet a half-and-half suplex. Jey, on the other hand, jumps into the ring to distract the referee and stop Ricochet from being pinned again. Jey is pushed to the ground by Sami. Solo and Jimmy try to get them to go their separate ways. Ricochet does a dive on Bloodline to get rid of them. Sami is brought back into the ring, and he uses the Shooting Star Press to get the pin. The Bloodline gets ready to attack Logan and Ricochet after the match. Madcap Moss comes into the ring with a steel chair to stop this from happening.

Strowman And Alpha Academy

Maxxine Dupri and Max Dupri are in the middle of the ring with a spotlight on them. Max says that they are here to show off the back-to-school line from Maximum Male Models. Mansoor and Mace walk on stage wearing their school uniforms. As soon as Braun Strowman’s music starts, they start to look scared. Strowman runs up to them and makes a tackle that knocks them down. After throwing Mace into the wall, he throws Mansoor into the ring. Mansoor gets hit with a powerbomb by Strowman.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Strowman

As their music starts to play, Chad Gable from Alpha Academy walks on stage. Otis sneaks up on Strowman from behind and attacks, but Strowman throws him to the ground with a body blow. When Gable steps into the ring, Strowman tries to power slam him. After saving Gable, Otis hits Strowman with the World’s Strongest Slam to knock him out. Otis and Gable leave the ring, but Strowman is up and moving again in no time. Strowman tells Otis to get in the ring, but Gable stops him and carries him up the ramp.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Bayley

The wrestlers Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, and Bayley get in the ring. Bayley says that Kai and Sky are the women’s tag team champions right now. Kai says that they can go anywhere right away. Sky says that SmackDown is now their show. Bayley talks about how Damage Control now has a say in who wins the championship and what happens on RAW and SmackDown. Raquel Rodriguez interrupts them and says she doesn’t see any effect. Damage Control leaves the RING as Raquel gets ready for her match.

As the match begins, Bayley looks for a way to get out of it. Bayley gives Raquel a slap, and then she falls to the ground. Raquel goes after Kai and shoves her down. Bayley tries to grab her on the ropes, but Raquel throws her off and then scores a two-count with a corner splash and a slam. After avoiding a kick on the apron, Bayley throws Raquel to the ground. Bayley steps on Raquel over and over again. Raquel attempts a power slam, but Bayley escapes. Raquell can get Bayley off and climb. Due to Kai’s attention, Bayley is able to trip Raquel off the second rope. She kicks Raquel’s leg so it hits the turnbuckle.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Raquel Rodriguez vs Bayley

Bayley is now starting to worry about Raquel’s hurt knee. The woman is pushed away by Raquel. Bayley kicks her knee again as a response. She gives it a DDT. Raquel picks her up and puts her in a corner so she can hit several clotheslines. Raquel does a shoulder tackle, a headbutt, a punch, and a few fallaway slams.

When Raquel gets close to the ropes, Damage Control pulls her attention away again. Raquel drops the Vader bomb on Kai and Sky after she has dragged them into the ring. Bayley goes back into the ring. Sky scratches Raquel’s eyes, and Dakota distracts the referee. Bayley hits Roseplant to get the pin. Damage Control goes after Raquel after the match. Shotzi runs out to save the day.

Madcap Moss vs Solo Sikao(c)

Behind the scenes, Solo Sikoa is with the Usos. Solo tells The Usos to wait because Jey isn’t at his best today. Solo only brings Sami with him when he comes into the room. Then Madcapp Moss walks onto the scene.

As soon as the game starts, they lock up and can’t move. Solo and Moss are once again locked together. Moss shoos Solo outside. He pulls his waist in. Back elbows are landed by Solo. Moss puts him out with a knee to the stomach and a punch to the face. Solo hits him in the back and knocks him to the ground. Moss is on the ground when Solo hits him in the head. Moss gets back on his feet, and Solo hits him in the head again. After taking off quickly, Moss makes a strong tackle. With a clothesline, Moss throws him to the ground. Sami distracts Moss, so Solo uses a clothesline to run over Moss as a response. Moss is thrown against the wall by Solo.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Madcapp Moss vs Solo Sikao

Solo kicks his ankle as he makes his way back to the ring. He stays in charge for a while. Solo puts a lock on the shoulders of Moss. Moss gets up, but Solo quickly throws him into the corner and suplexes him from the belly up. Solo hits the corner with a hip strike for a two-count. Solo gives Moss a powerful shot of his own after getting hit by Moss a few times. From the side, Solo stamps him. Sami keeps making fun of Moss. Moss grabs Solo’s knee so that he can’t try another hip attack. Moss starts punching him, and then with a forearm and a clothesline, he falls to the ground face-first.

Moss gets a two-count by giving more corner tackles and a suplex. Solo throws a headbutt and an elbow to the back. Moss has something called a Samoan Drop. Solo counters again and uses a Samoan Drop to fall close to the ground. Moss rolls him over and gets a two-count. He grabs Solo and does a fallaway on him. Sami pulls Solo out of the ring to save him from the spear. Solo gives Moss a superkick while he is running after Sami. Solo hits Rockbottom to keep the pin in place.

4-Way Tag Team Match For No. 1 Contender Match

The first fight to break out is between Butch and Kaiser. They move to the floor, where they meet up with Holland and Vinci. Top Dolla throws Adonis at people who are already on the floor. Top Dolla is stopped by a knee shot from Vinci. Vinci gets a Brogue kick from Woods. After Woods’s dive, Kofi does his own to get us to the break.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – 4-Way Tag Team Match

The first fight to start is between Butch and Kaiser. They move to the floor, where they join Holland and Vinci. Top Dolla throws Adonis at people who are lying down. Vinci uses a knee-shot to stop top Dolla. Woods gives Vinci a Brogue kick. After Woods’s suicide dive, Kofi does his own to get us to the break.

Holland hits and uppercuts Top Dolla when he joins the fight. Top Dolla now does a move called a suplex. Dolla throws Adonis into Holland when he comes in. Adonis hits Holland with a dropkick, which sends him into the corner. Kofi tags in and gives Adonis a dropkick before doing the Boom drop on him. When Kaiser comes in, he pulls Kofi to the corner so he can fight. As Vinci comes in, Kaiser throws Woods off the ground. The match was stopped when Imperium gave Kofi a double dropkick in the corner.

Kofi fights back and knocks Kaiser to the ground with a back body drop. Before tagging in Woods, Kofi hits Kaiser with a second back body drop. Vinci comes at him and Kaiser hard from the other side. Woods doesn’t slow down and beats everyone. Woods and Vinci are the only ones left in the ring. He is knocked out by a lariat from Vinci. Butch joins in from Vinci. Hit-Roww is thrown off the stage. He moonsaults onto Imperium before killing Kofi. Adonis gets a quick German suplex, then gets kicked in the back and stomped.


WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Brawling Bruts for the win

Top Dolla walks into the ring and kicks the other fighter. He goes after Kofi, Butch, and Woods all at the same time. He gets a two-count when Holland hits him with an Alabama Slam. Woods follows from Holland. Adonis is now a part of Top Dolla. Woods did a superkick. Kofi breaks both Top Dolla and Adonis with a suicide dive and a splash, respectively. Andre gets rid of the pin. Kofi goes for a new dive. Adonis is brought in by Vinci. Kofi is hit by a bomb from the Imperium, but Holland has already joined the Kaiser. Holland throws out Kaiser and Vinci, and he pins Kofi.

Where To Watch WWE Smackdown

FOX will show WWE Friday Night Smackdown at 8 pm PT. Every Friday, new episodes of WWE Smackdown come out. If you have FOX on your TV, you can just turn it on at the time above. But if you missed the show when it was on live or would rather stream WWE Smackdown, there are several ways to do so.

NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, has the rights to all of the weekly WWE SmackDown shows. Basically, Peacock is where you can watch all of the WWE shows. For a monthly subscription, you’ll have to pay $4.99, and if you pay an extra $5, you can watch without ads. There are also fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, which you can use to stream WWE Smackdown. If you are from Canada, you can go to SN Now, and if you are from the UK, you can go to BT Sports.

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